Avis Carcassonne Airport

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Where is the Avis Car Rental Desk at Carcassonne?


What time is Avis open at Carcassonne?

Day Open Close
Monday 09:30 18:00
Tuesday 10:00 18:00
Wednesday 12:30 18:00
Thursday 10:00 18:00
Friday 09:00 18:00
Saturday 10:30 18:00
Sunday 12:30 18:00
Nearby AVIS Pick-up and Drop-Off Locations

Carcassonne Train Station

Gare Sncf, Carcassonne, 11000

3.74 KM


Aeroport De Salvaza, Carcassonne, 11000
+ 2 more Rental Companies

3.74 KM

Lezignan corbieres

1 Rue Gustav Eiffel, Lezignan Corbieres, 11200
+ 2 more Rental Companies

36.45 KM

Laroque d olmes

32 Av Du 11 Novembre 1918, Laroque D Olmes, 09600

44.62 KM


14 Avenue Carnot, Narbonne, 11100
+ 7 more Rental Companies

56.62 KM

Narbonne Train Station

Gare Sncf, Narbonne, 11100
+ 2 more Rental Companies

56.91 KM

Perpignan Airport

Aeroport De Rivesaltes, Perpignan, 66000
+ 9 more Rental Companies

69.73 KM

Perpignan Saint Charles

72 Chemin De La Fauceille, Perpignan, 66000
+ 3 more Rental Companies

73.12 KM

Perpignan Train Station

Gare Tgv Centre "del Mon" Boulevard Saint Assiscle, Perpignan, 66000
+ 7 more Rental Companies

74.37 KM

Beziers Train Station

Gare Sncf, Beziers, 34500
+ 5 more Rental Companies

75.01 KM


18 Bld De Verdun, Beziers, 34500
+ 8 more Rental Companies

76.86 KM

Toulouse Train Station

64 Bd Pierre Semard Sncf Gare Matabiau Boite N°8, Sncf Gare Matabiau Boite N°8, Toulouse, 31500
+ 10 more Rental Companies

81.80 KM


175 Av Des Etats Unis, Toulouse, 31200
+ 6 more Rental Companies

83.36 KM

Beziers Airport

Aeroport De Beziers Cap D agde, Portiragnes, 34420
+ 8 more Rental Companies

85.37 KM

Toulouse Blagnac Airport

Hall D arrivées, Hall D arrivées, Blagnac, 31700
+ 19 more Rental Companies

88.13 KM

Andorra Santa Coloma

Avenida De Enclar, 142, Edifici Becier, Andorra La Vella, Ad500

103.87 KM

Sete Train Station

Gare Sncf, Sete, 34200

114.67 KM


382 Avenue De Toulouse, Montauban, 82000
+ 5 more Rental Companies

117.17 KM

Montauban Train Station

Gare Sncf, Montauban, 82000
+ 2 more Rental Companies

118.13 KM

Figueras Vilafant Train Station

Estacion Ave Figueras Vilafant, Avda. Puig Grau S n, Vilafant, 17740

118.83 KM


Aeroport De Rodez, Rodez, 12330
+ 3 more Rental Companies

127.87 KM

Rodez Train Station

Gare Sncf, Rodez, 12000
+ 2 more Rental Companies

129.38 KM

Saint gaudens

Rue Des Marguerites Zac De Borde Basse, Saint Gaudens, 31800
+ 3 more Rental Companies

129.81 KM

Rodez Marcillac Airport

Aeroport Rodez Aveyron, Salles La Source, 12330
+ 5 more Rental Companies

133.23 KM


152 Rue Ettore Bugatti, Montpellier, 34070
+ 7 more Rental Companies

133.36 KM

Montpellier Tgv Station

Gare St Roch Espace Loueurs 1er Etage, Montpellier, 34000
+ 10 more Rental Companies

134.41 KM

Montpellier Airport

Aeroport Montpellier mediterranee, Mauguio, 34130
+ 12 more Rental Companies

139.56 KM

Vic City

Paseo De La Generalitat,60 Bis, Vic, 08500, Barcelona
+ 2 more Rental Companies

143.10 KM

Girona Train Station

Estacion De Tren Plaza Espana S n, Gerona, 17002
+ 9 more Rental Companies

143.81 KM

Le Marin Les Rivages D Ulysse

Bassin Tortue, Le Marin, 97290

150.94 KM

Girona Costa Brava Airport

Gerona Costa Brava 300 Metros Poligono Industrial Parcela 1 A, Vilobi D Onyar, Vilobí D onyar, 17185
+ 13 more Rental Companies

151.23 KM


512 Avenue Jean Jaures, Cahors, 46000, 46000
+ 3 more Rental Companies

152.78 KM

Cahors Train Station

512 Ave Jean Jaures, Cahors, 46000
+ 3 more Rental Companies

153.99 KM

Figeac Train Station

Avenue De Rodez, Figeac, 46100
+ 3 more Rental Companies

156.11 KM


Z.i. Lafarrayrie, Figeac, 46100

156.28 KM

Manresa City

Carretera De Vic 248, Manresa, 08243
+ 5 more Rental Companies

169.50 KM


120 Boulevard Carnot, Agen Railway Station, Agen, 47000
+ 5 more Rental Companies

173.64 KM

Agen La Garenne Airport

Avenue De Laeroport, Agen, 47310
+ 7 more Rental Companies

174.35 KM

Agen Train Station

120 Boulevard Carnot, Agen Railway Station, Agen, 47000
+ 4 more Rental Companies

174.77 KM

Granollers City Centre

Avda.del Parque Estacion De Autobuses, Granollers, Granollers, 08400
+ 4 more Rental Companies

178.86 KM

Avis Carcassonne Airport

Carcassonne Airport is located approximately 3km, or 2 miles from the city of Carcassonne in the south of France, and is an airport which handles just over 450,000 passengers per annum. It is also known as the Salvaza Airport, or the Carcassonne en Pays Cathare Airport, and has the official code of CCF. Although a small airport, it has all the essential facilities required by its passengers, including a good selection of car hire companies, such as Avis Carcassonne Airport. Avis is a favourite provider of car rental services around the world, and their customers enjoy low rental rates and high quality vehicles.

Avis is found within the single terminal building of Carcassonne Airport, and their rental cars are parked in the car parking lot just in front of the airport building. Vehicles can be hired directly over the rental counters, or in advance, from the official website of Avis. There are also many other online websites that support rentals from Avis. Although the car hire companies of the airport are not open twenty-four hours a day, they are open to meet all arrival flights, and sometimes, out-of-office hour returns can be arranged. The following times can be used as a guideline for Avis:  Sunday and Monday – 10:00 to 11:15 and 12:45 to 18:00, Tuesday – 12:45 to 15:45 and 17:00 to 18:00, Wednesday – 09:15 to 11:15 and 12:45 to 18:00, Thursday – 12:45 to 14:00 and 14:45 to 18:15, Friday – 09:45 to 14:15 and 16:45 to 18:00, and on Saturdays from 11:45 to 18:00.

The Carcassonne Airport car hire companies offer their customers a wide range of vehicles from which to choose, and in most cases, customers will select a vehicle category, rather than a car by its specific make and model. Some of Avis’ car groups and the example vehicles for each include Subcompact with the Renault Twingo, Economy with the Opel Corsa and Citroen 3, Compact with the Peugeot 308 and BMW Series 1, Intermediate with the Citroen C5 and Standard, with the Mercedes Class C as an example. There are also Premium cars available, similar to the BMW Series 3, larger full size cars for seven passengers, like the Citroen Grand Picasso C4 and Vans for nine passengers, similar to the Renault Traffic Combi. Other larger sized vehicles include the Opel Zafira and Renault Espace. All Avis vehicles come with air conditioning and other nice features, such as power steering, power locks and windows and air bags. They could also have either a manual or automatic transmission.

In order to hire a car from Avis, certain rental terms and conditions will need to be met. The primary renter and all additional drivers must be at least 21 years of age, and will need to show a valid drivers license when collecting the vehicle from the airport. All drivers must also be present at time of collection. Most local licenses are accepted, provided that they have been held in the driver’s country of residence for at least a year prior to the rental date, and are printed in English. However, it is also best to confirm with Avis if your rental will require an International Driving Permit. Keep in mind as well, that at all the Carcassonne Airport car rental companies, younger drivers below the age of 25 will pay an additional fee per day of car hire for young drivers insurance, and may not be able to hire vehicles from certain categories.

For customers who are not returning to Carcassonne Airport, Avis one way hires are available. Avis vehicles can be driven anywhere in France and even to most other European countries, such as Spain, which is very nearby to Carcassonne. Cars hired may also be driven in the United Kingdom, and on the islands of Corsica and Sardinia, provided that they are returned to the mainland. Cross-border rentals are not allowed to the following areas:  Greece, Turkey, Eastern Europe, Commonwealth of Independent States and Baltic States. From Carcassonne Airport, one way hires should be reserved in advance, and the return location should be confirmed with Avis.

With your hire car from Avis, hand controls for disabled drivers, child seats, luggage racks and satellite navigation systems can be requested. These items should always be booked as early as possible, as Avis cannot guarantee their availability upon your arrival at Carcassonne Airport. Hand controls are free of charge, but all other optional items of equipment will cost a few extra Euros per day of hire.

Avis customers can choose from a variety of fuel options for their vehicle. The Fuel Up Front option will require the customer to pay for a full tank of fuel before the rental. This option is best for persons who will use the fuel purchased, and who would like to save time, as the vehicle will not need to be re-fuelled before its return. Pay On Return allows the customer to still pay for a full tank and not re-fuel the vehicle, but a re-fuelling service charge will be applicable. Customers may also ‘Bring Back Full’, and avoid re-fuelling costs from Avis. Keep in mind that there are no refunds given for unused fuel. At Carcassonne Airport, there is a petrol station just outside the airport grounds.

Anyone who would like to benefit from lower rental rates and additional services from Avis can apply for the Avis Preferred membership. Avis, Carcassonne Airport, will be happy to provide you with all further details required.

Address:                   Carcassonne, 11000

Telephone Number:    (33) 04 68 25 05 84