Low Cost Carcassonne Airport Parking

Salvaza Airport, or the Carcassonne en Pays Cathare Airport, and is found on the western edge of Carcassonne city, in southern France. The airport is served by the airline company Ryanair, and handles around 450,000 passengers per annum. Flights are offered from the airport to locations in five different countries, including England, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium and Portugal. The airport has adequate facilities for arriving and departing passengers, and the Carcassonne Airport Parking areas are convenient for short or long-term parking stays. Parking rates at the airport are also considered as reasonable.

The Carcassonne Salvaza Airport has the official code of CCF, and is one of the airports in the southern Languedoc-Roussillon region of France. It serves the city of Carcassonne, and many other towns found in the Aude department. Access to the airport is provided from the nearby city centre, which is approximately 3km, or 2 miles away, by the D119 and D6161, while the larger A61 can be followed from areas further west and east of the airport, such as Toulouse and Narbonne. Smaller areas particularly nearby the airport include Pennautier, Villemoustaussou, Cazilhac, Pezens, Caux-et-Sauzens and Lavalette, and roads from these areas include the D48, the D6113 and the D49. From Bram, either the D33 or A61 can be used by motorists travelling to the airport. Upon arrival at the airport, motorists will find two car parking areas, which are both identically priced.

Carcassonne Parking Areas

The two parking areas of the airport are named P1 and P2, and are found outside the single terminal building. P1 is directly in front of the building, while P2 is located just past the end of the terminal. Both areas are within a few minutes walk of the airport’s facilities, therefore, no further transport will be required in order to reach the check-in area. In total, the airport offers over 250 parking spaces for privately owned vehicles, and is currently trying to expand their parking facilities. Even though the airport is by no means a large establishment, it can become busy at times, and the parking areas tend to fill up quickly, especially over long weekends. Passengers are recommended to first use the P1 parking area if there is space available, or move to P2 if there are no spaces available in P1. Both parking areas have the same tariffs, and can be used for short, medium or long-term stays.

When approaching the airport, follow the signs that indicate the Carcassonne Airport parking grounds. Take a ticket upon entry of the parking area, and find a suitable space, ensuring that you do not use an area dedicated for disabled passengers. The ticket issued should be kept, as it will be used for payment of the parking period, and for exiting the car park. Do not lose the ticket, as you could then be liable for a steep penalty. Once you are ready to leave the airport, pay at one of the machines found either in the main departure hall, next to the Ryanair desk, or outside on the terminal wall, and return to your vehicle. About fifteen minutes is usually allowed for exiting the car park.

The prices charged for the parking areas are as follows:  First fifteen minutes – free, fifteen minutes to one hour – €2.80, one to four hours – €5.80, four to twelve hours – 8.00, twelve to twenty-four hours – €9.50, two days – €17.50, three days – €26.00, four days – €30.00, five days – €33.00, six days – €36.00 and seven or eight days – €39.00. From the ninth to the fifteenth day of parking, €39.00 plus €3.20 per additional day and from the sixteenth to the 23rd day, €70.00. Parking of between twenty four and thirty one days will cost €80.00, and any time longer than thirty one days will cost €80.00 plus an additional €2.10 for each day.

Passengers who use the Carcassonne Airport parking lots more frequently may consider a parking subscription, which will allow unlimited access for a certain time period. Three months of unlimited parking will cost €175.00, while a year of parking will be around €560.00.

For disabled passengers, Carcassonne is well equipped with pavement ramps, lifts, lowered telephone booths and suitable toilet facilities. Wheelchairs can also be arranged from the information desk, and further assistance can be requested from Ryanair at least 48 hours prior to departure. Reserved parking spaces are also available as close as possible to the terminal building.

Although the airport offers the first fifteen minutes of parking for free, which is an adequate amount of time for dropping off departing passengers, and perhaps for meeting arriving passengers, motorists may use the road past the terminal building for offloading passengers and their baggage. This is the ‘drop-off’ zone, and should only be used for a few minutes at most. Drivers of the vehicles are recommended to remain behind the wheel, and should not leave their vehicle unattended in this area.

The P1 and P2 parking areas should be used only at the motorist’s own risk, as the airport accepts no responsibility for damages or loses incurred whilst making use of the facilities. Staff at the information desk of the airport can assist with all further parking enquiries.