Carcassonne Airport (CCF)

Carcassonne Airport has the official code of CCF, and is commonly referred to as the Salvaza, or as the Pays Cathare. It is only a small center of transportation, handling approximately 450,000 passengers per annum, but is nonetheless an important gateway to the Aude department of the country. Commercial national, international and private non-regular flights serve a selection of five countries. The airport is a modern facility, with a variety of amenities to meet the needs of its passengers, and there are several forms of transport available as well.

The airport lies on the western edge of the city, and in the Languedoc region of France. From the city, the airport is just 3km, or 2 miles, and about a ten to fifteen minute drive. Areas located particularly nearby are Saint-Jean de Grèzes, Galinier and Montquier, while a little further are the areas of Villemoustaussou, Pennautier, Montréal and Bram. In the country of France, the city of Carcassonne lies to the west of Béziers and Narbonne, to the east of Tarbes and Pau and to the south-east of Toulouse. To the south of the city is the Spanish border, and directly north is Castres and Albi. Passengers driving to CCF can use the access roads of the D119 and D6161 from the city, or the main A61 Autoroute from areas east and west. Another road passing close by, along the northern perimeter of the Carcassonne airport grounds, is the D33, which provides access from areas such as Castelnaudary and Villesèquelande.

Similar to many other airports in France, Carcassonne is ‘historic’, being in existence since the earlier 1900’s. However, it did not feature as a very important establishment until more recent years, in particular when it started to handle budget airline carriers. This transition took place towards the end of the 1990’s. Since then, it appears that passenger traffic is on the increase. Over 400,000 passengers have been recorded to pass through the terminal since 2006, which is a significant increase from previous years, when passenger numbers were below 200,000 per annum. In 2008, the airport handled 444,702 passengers, and in 2009, 452,188 passengers.

Commercial air traffic has been considerably increased at many of the smaller airports in Europe by the arrival of low-cost airline carriers. These budget airline companies are generally said to offer a ‘no-frills’ service, and can therefore offer travel at a much lower rate when compared to the usual regular airline carrier. One of the low-cost carriers present at the majority of European airports is Ryanair, and this company is often referred to as the ‘world’s favourite airline carrier’. Ryanair is also the sole airline company operating from Carcassonne Airport, with both national and international flights. There are nine regular airline destinations available, to Charleroi, Liverpool, London, Nottingham, Leeds, Dublin, Cork, Glasgow and Porto. Flights therefore reach five different countries, namely, Belgium, England, Ireland, Scotland and Portugal.

The Pays en Cathare Airport is able to cater for aircraft operating under VFR, which is an abbreviation for Visual Flight Rules. This means that the pilot of the airplane should be able to physically see outside of the cockpit, in order to control the aircraft’s altitude, to navigate and to avoid obstacles and other aircraft. The weather must therefore also meet the VFR minimum requirements. In worse weather conditions, pilots are required to use instrument flight rules. Carcassonne Airport resides at an elevation of 434 feet above mean sea level, and consists of a single terminal building and two runways. One of the runways is short and unpaved, with only a grass surface, while the other is suitable in length for most airline carriers used today. It measures 2,050 by 45 metres, or 6,726 by 148 feet. The two runways lie parallel to one another.

Passengers find the airport of Carcassonne to be a highly efficient establishment, containing a variety of facilities to meet their needs. The single terminal building is modern and well laid out, with all facilities within easy walking distance of one another. It is also fully accessible for disabled passengers, with adapted toilet facilities, pavement ramps and reserved parking spaces. Wheelchairs are available from the information desk, and further assistance on site t can also be arranged with Ryanair, in advance of your departure flight. Food is provided by the Restaurant Le Salvaza, while the Délices et des Ailes is a shop/newsagent selling local products. Meeting rooms are available for business gatherings, and the VIP lounge can be used as well. Additional facilities include Wi-Fi Internet connections, banking and currency exchange services, ATMs, baby-changing rooms and payphones. Although no hotels, there is a modest one just opposite the airport grounds. 

From the airport, passengers can travel by bus or taxi, or arrange a hire car from one of the car rental companies. There is no train station on the airport grounds. All further details regarding the services is available from the central information desk within the terminal building. Telephone number:  +33 (0)4 68 47 18 50.

The Air Transport Association (IATA) code for Carcassonne Airport is CCF. It is also officially known as Salvaza. We have provided the GPS location which are as follows 43.21667, 2.31667 to help either your arrival directions to Salvaza or perhaps give you directions from Salvaza to your chosen destination.

Below is a sample of routes flight times and Airlines that fly from Salvaza.

Destination Weekly Flights Distance
Brussels Charleroi Brussels South (CRL) 8 822 Km (510 Miles)
London Stansted (STN) 7 976 Km (607 Miles)
Dublin (DUB) 6 1,298 Km (807 Miles)
Derby East Midlands (EMA) 3 1,102 Km (685 Miles)
Liverpool (LPL) 3 1,187 Km (738 Miles)
Cork (ORK) 3 1,254 Km (779 Miles)
Prestwick (PIK) 3 1,454 Km (903 Miles)
Leeds (LBA) 2 1,219 Km (758 Miles)

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  • Ryanair
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  • London
  • Manchester
  • Brussels
  • Dublin
  • Porto
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