Buses to and from Carcassonne Airport (CCF)

Carcassonne Airport is an efficient establishment in the southern Languedoc region of France, and is commonly referred to as the Salvaza Airport, or as the Carcassonne en Pays Cathare Airport. With the official code of CCF, it serves around 450,000 passengers per annum, and is found on the western outskirts of Carcassonne city. The airport serves all towns and cities nearby in the Aude department of the country, and is considered as an important gateway. Carcassonne Buses provide transport for arriving and departing passengers, and are a convenient way to travel to and from various parts of the city. Bus tickets are reasonably priced as well.

The airport consists of a single terminal building, which is adequately equipped for the needs of its passengers. However, it is quite small, and can get busy at times. The single airline company serving the airport is Ryanair, and flights are offered to various locations in five different countries - England, Ireland, Scotland, Portugal and Belgium. For arriving passengers, the Carcassonne Airport bus is available from outside the main airport building. It is scheduled in accordance to the arrival and departure flights of the airport, and is therefore a convenient option for transport. The airport shuttle takes passengers into the centre of Carcassonne, and to the railway station of the city as well, for connections to the available train services. The bus company operating the service to and from the airport is known as the Anglo’Bus. It is also the urban transport system for all routes in and around Carcassonne.

Carcassonne Buses

The Anglo’Bus departs from the airport twenty minutes after each arrival flight, therefore, passengers should simply collect their baggage and then head for the bus stop. Tickets for the journey, which will take between fifteen and twenty minutes, will cost around €5.00, and they can be purchased from the bus driver. This ticket allows for transport on the buses for one hour from its time of validation. The Aerobus takes passengers to the Carcassonne train station, the Place Daville, the central dome and the medieval city. Stops at various hotels en route can be requested as well. The buses are therefore one of the best ways to reach the city centre of Carcassonne, however, they are more expensive than the usual bus services operated in and around the city. If there are a number of travellers, a taxi could even work out to be around the same price as the bus tickets, or even could be cheaper.

An alternative bus service travels from nearby the airport, and this service is quite a bit cheaper, however, it is about a ten minute walk from the airport terminal. Cross the main road outside the airport, and continue along rue Jacques Vaucanson for about five minutes, then turn left into Henri Bouffet and walk for another approximate five minutes. Buses 1 and 3 stop at the roundabout, every day of the week apart from on Sundays, and the fare will cost €0.90. Carcassonne Airport is quite nearby the city, and energetic passengers could even walk to town. It will take about forty minutes to the Bastide St-Louis, and another twenty minutes to the Cité.

From various outlets within the city, travellers can purchase single bus tickets, and a variety of other ticket options. The Tempo’Bus ticket provides unlimited access to the bus service for one week (excluding Sundays) and the Famili’Bus ticket allows unlimited access for three persons of the same family for one month. There are also free transport cards for persons considered as 80% disabled, and for senior citizens, over the age of 65. Children younger than seven years of age can travel for free.

Additional bus services offered by the Anglo’Bus Company are TAD, or Transport on Demand, and the Handi’Bus, especially for disabled travellers. The TAD service is a local service that is faster than the ordinary buses, and the schedules are more flexible. These smaller buses operate within the following municipalities:  Alairac, Berriedale, Carcassonne, Caux and Sauzens, Cavanac, Cazilhac, Cornèze, Couffoulens, Cast Aude, Lavalette, Leuc, Montclar-Montirat, Palaja, Pennautier, Pezens, Preixan, Rouffiac d’Aude, Roullens, Villefloure, Villedubert and Villemoustaussou. Special services are provided by the TAD buses on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday mornings, which are the market days in Carcassonne. The buses then travel to the centre of Carcassonne from all the surrounding municipalities.

Since January 2006, the Handi’Bus has been in operation in the city of Carcassonne, and is intended for the use of people who depend on wheelchairs for their mobility. The buses also transport persons who are visually impaired. The Handi’Bus is available throughout the year (apart from on Sundays and public holidays) from 08:30 to 12:00, and from 14:00 to 18:00.

Further information regarding the Carcassonne Buses is available online, at www.agglocarcassonnais.fr, or passengers can contact staff at the airport information desk at the following telephone number:  +33 (0)4 68 47 18 50.