Getting to Carcassonne Airport (CCF)

Carcassonne Airport is found in the southern Languedoc region of France, and along the western edge of Carcassonne city. It is commonly referred to as the Salvaza Airport, the Carcassonne Salvaza Airport or as the Carcassonne en Pays Cathare Airport, and has the official code of CCF. Although only a smaller France airport, with around 450,000 passengers per annum, it is an important gateway to the region, and serves many towns in the Aude department of the country. Carcassonne directions are relatively simply to follow, and found online on various websites. Several prominent roads lie nearby the airport, which provide easy access for passengers arriving in their own vehicles.

Carcassonne is located in one of the most popular parts of the Languedoc-Roussillon region, and is also nearby the Spanish border, which is to the south of the airport. The airport is situated approximately 3km, or 2 miles from Carcassonne, and is particularly nearby the areas of Saint-Jean de Grèzes, Galinier and Montquier, while larger areas nearby include Caux-et-Sauzens, Pezens, Pennautier, Villemoustaussou, Cazilhac and Lavalette. On a larger scale, Carcassonne is located to the south-east of Toulouse and Castelnaudary, to the west of Narbonne and Beziers, and to the north-west of Perpignan. Nimes, Montpellier, Albi, Castres, Tarbes and Pau are other larger cities in the south of France. The main access roads of Carcassonne Airport are the D119 and the D6161, while the A61 is the major Autoroute nearby the airport.

Directions from Carcassonne

From the centre of the city, the D119, or the Route de Montréal, is the easiest road to follow. It leads straight to the airport, which is only about a ten to fifteen minute drive. Although nearby, always leave sufficient time for unexpected traffic delays, and for finding a suitable parking position. The D6161 leads to the airport from northern areas of the city, as it is linked to the D6113, as well as from areas south-west of Carcassonne.

Directions from the West

Three of the main roads leading to the airport from the west are the D33, the D119 and the A61. The D33 provides access from Bram and passes the airport on its northern perimeter, while the D119 heads directly to the airport from Montréal. From Castelnaudary, motorists can also use the D33. The A61 is a better route to follow when driving from areas further away, for example, Toulouse. The turn-off from the A61 to the airport is Junction 23, and the airport is locally signposted as the ‘Aéroport de Carcassonne Salvaza’. Toulouse is approximately 91km, or 57 miles from Carcassonne, but has its own major airport.

Directions from the East

The A61 is the major motorway to use from all areas east of Carcassonne, and provides access from Narbonne, which is about 61km, or 38 miles from the airport. Nearby Narbonne, the A61 joins the A9, which in turn leads up the coastline, past Beziers, and on to Montpellier and Nimes.

Directions from the North and South  

Areas north of Carcassonne include Mazamet and Castres, and some of the main roads leading from these areas include the N112 and the D118. Villemoustaussou is much closer, and from here the D49 links to the D6113, which in turn connects with the airport road of the D6161, while from Pennautier, the D203 links to the D6113. The D6113 also provides a direct link to the city and its airport from Pezens. From Perpignan, located approximately 113km, or 70 miles south of Carcassonne, the A9 is the main route available, which connects to the A61 at Narbonne. The D118 can be followed from Limoux, and the D18 leads from areas south that include Belvèze-du-Razès and Cailhau. From Lavalette, the D48 links directly to the D119.

Carcassonne Airport is well equipped to meet the needs of its passengers, with a good variety of facilities, and is often considered as a very efficient establishment. The ‘Le Salvaza’ restaurant provides passengers with meals and the ‘Délices et des Ailes’ shop sells various regional products and other keepsakes. There is also a duty-free store available for departing passengers. Business passengers can enjoy a peaceful stay at the airport in the VIP lounge, and can also hire the meeting rooms of the airport, which have a maximum capacity of 300 guests. Additional facilities include ATMs, currency exchange services, payphones, fax and photocopying services and Internet access. Baby-changing areas are found in the ladies restrooms. For disabled passengers, the airport is equipped with lowered telephone booths, ramps and lifts and specially fitted toilets. Ryanair, the airline company of the airport, can also provide further assistance for a disabled person.

Travelling to the airport by public transport is possible, as local buses (the Anglo’Bus) are available from the city’s railway station, the Cité and the town centre. The shuttle bus runs according to the departure and arrival times of the airport flights. There is no airport train station, but taxis or private transfers can also be used as a form of transport. Further details regarding Carcassonne directions are available online, at