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Europcar St Etienne Airport

Saint-Etienne Airport serves the city of Saint-Etienne, and all the surrounding areas in the Loire department of the country. The airport is located in the Massif Central area of France, and just 12km, or 7 miles from the city of Saint-Etienne. However, it is even nearer to an area known as Andrézieux-Bouthéon, and is therefore commonly referred to as the Bouthéon Airport. Nearby to the airport lies a few prominent French cities, most notably Lyon, as well as Grenoble, Valence and Clermont-Ferrand. The best way to travel to these cities and their attractions is by rented car, from a company such as Europcar Saint-Etienne Airport. Europcar is one of the most famous car rental companies in the world, and has provided quality services for many years.

The Loire department is located in France’s second most popular region for tourism, the Rhône-Alpes, and this area is famous for its vineyards, gastronomy and national parks. There are also six regional natural parks in the area, including Livradois-Forez and the Pilat. The cities themselves have a lot to offer as well, for they are brimming with interesting historical sights and museums, as well as more modern attractions, including fine restaurants, entertainment venues and nightlife. A tourist with a rented car from Saint-Etienne Airport has the best chance of viewing all the region has to offer, and to fully enjoy their holiday. A car affords its driver more privacy, and more time to spend sight-seeing, as it will generally be a quicker form of transport than a bus. Much time can also be wasted waiting for trains, buses and taxis, and for trying to organise a schedule which surrounds the times at which public transport is available. Europcar is a good option for car rental services from Saint-Etienne Airport, and has been trusted by millions to provide high quality holiday or business vehicles.

Europcar promises to deliver only vehicles of the latest models to their customers, and on average, their cars will not be older than six months of age. All rentals will include twenty-four hour emergency breakdown assistance, which means that if your vehicle is in an accident, or if it has some sort of mechanical failure, Europcar will provide the help you need, and even replace the vehicle if it cannot be driven further. Customers are recommended to purchase insurance for their rented car. Collision Damage Waiver and Theft Protection are two popular insurance options. Another promise from Europcar is all-inclusive rental rates. At Saint-Etienne Airport, Europcar’s quotes include all licenses and fees associated with the vehicle or location, the airport station surcharge and VAT. Customers may also include the various insurances they would like to purchase, and select additional items of equipment for their rented cars.

All the Saint-Etienne Airport car hire companies offer optional equipment items for their vehicles, such as satellite navigation systems, luggage racks and child seats. Although they cost a few extra Euro, they are often important for safe and easy driving in France. Remember to specify the age of your child so that Europcar can provide a seat that is of the correct size. Europcar hand controls for disabled drivers can be requested, and this device is ideal for use by persons with a lower limb disability. From Saint-Etienne Airport, hand controls are free of charge, but should be reserved in advance.

The Saint-Etienne Airport car rental companies are found in the single terminal building, from where all arrival and departure flights are handled. The airport is not very big, with a capacity to only handle between 250,000 and 350,000 passengers per annum, therefore all its facilities are easy to find. The car hire companies, including Europcar, are nearby the arrival area, and their vehicles are parked just outside the terminal, in a reserved parking lot. From Saint-Etienne Airport, one way hire services can be arranged, which allows the customer to return their vehicle to a different rental location. It is a convenient option for someone who is perhaps leaving France from another airport. Europcar one way hires may be more expensive, but may also not incur additional charges if the car is returned within the country of France.

To rent a car from Saint-Etienne Airport, and Europcar, the primary renter and additional drivers will only need to be eighteen years of age or older, whereas many other car hire companies have a minimum age of 21 for their locations in France. A younger renter (under the age of 25) must, however, pay for young driver insurance. He/she may also not be permitted to hire vehicles from certain car categories. Europcar will need to see your valid drivers license, and may require an International Driving Permit if your local license is printed in a non-Roman alphabet. Pay for your rental with a major credit card, as debit cards and cash are not accepted.

Europcar’s vehicles may be similar to the following: The Renault Twingo in the Mini category, the Peugeot 207 and Volkswagen Polo Diesel in the Economy category, the Renault Megane in the Compact category and the Volkswagen Touran in the Intermediate category, with room for up to seven passengers. Larger vehicles may also include the Renault Laguna and Audi Berline. Book as early as you can for family-sized cars, especially those with room for five or more passengers, as they are subject to a lower availability than the others. Their reservations will be confirmed by Europcar within forty-eight hours of their request.

Europcar, Saint-Etienne Airport, will be able to provide the best car for your holiday or business rental, and should be able to offer very competitive car rental rates as well.

Bouthéon Airport
Passengers Exit
42160 Andrézieux Bouthéon

Telephone Number: +33 477 365510

Fax Number: +33 047 7020893