Low Cost Saint Etienne Airport Parking

Saint-Etienne Airport is known as the Bouthéon Airport, due to its location in Andrézieux-Bouthéon, just 12km, or 7 miles north-northwest of Saint-Etienne. The airport has the official IATA code of EBU, and approximately 70,000 passengers per annum pass through its terminal building. Flights by Ryanair, Pegasus Airlines and Luxair depart for Istanbul, Porto and Bastia. The facilities available include the Saint-Etienne Airport parking lot, which can be used by private vehicles for any length of time. Although passengers must pay for their period of parking at the airport, the parking rates are considered to be very reasonable.

It is quite easy for motorists to reach the airport by car, as major roads head towards Saint-Etienne from all cities nearby. The airport is only 64km from Lyon, and the A47 is the road to use from this city to Saint-Etienne, and then the A72 to the airport. Le Puy is to the south-west of the airport and the N88 is the major road leading from this city, while the A89, N82 and the A72 are used from Clermont-Ferrand and Roanne. Additionally, towards Lyon, the A7 runs from Valence, and the A48 is the main road from Grenoble. From Lyon, it is less than an hour’s drive to the airport, and from Saint-Etienne, it will take motorists just fifteen to twenty minutes to reach the airport car park. These times will, however, depend on the prevailing traffic conditions. Saint-Etienne Airport is located in the Loire department of France, and is within the Rhône-Alpes region, known for its wide variety of attractions. The airport is also in the Massif Central area of France, and although small, provides an important transport hub for residents in the near vicinity.

Saint-Etienne Airport Parking

At smaller airports, it may not always be possible to find a bus service which will take you to the airport in time for your departure flight, and there are usually no direct train services available. Many people therefore drive their own vehicles to the airport, and use the airport’s car park. Saint-Etienne has a single terminal building, and just outside is the parking lot, with a total of 250 parking spaces for private vehicles. Passengers can simply park their vehicles in a suitable space, and walk the short distance to the building and its facilities. No further form of transport is needed. Saint-Etienne Airport can be accessed by disabled passengers as well, as there are suitable toilet facilities, pavement ramps, adapted phone boxes and wheelchairs can be borrowed. There are also eight specially reserved parking spaces in the airport car park, which may only be used by a disabled driver, or by someone who is transporting a disabled passenger. The parking spaces are located as close by to the terminal entrance as possible, and are clearly marked. It is recommended to display your ‘disabled person’s badge’ when using the spaces.

Otherwise, all spaces in the car park can be used for either short-term or long-term stays, as there is just one set of tariffs which are applicable. The first twenty minutes of parking is free for all motorists, and this is an ideal amount of time for dropping off departing passengers or for waiting on arriving passengers. There is a drop-off zone, or a ‘minute stop’ zone at the terminal entrance for motorists who do not wish to park. In this zone the vehicle’s motor should be kept running, and it should not be ‘parked’ here for more than a minute or two. No vehicle should be left unattended here, and the driver should stay behind the wheel. A third person should accompany the driver if the passenger will require assistance with his/her luggage. Usually, airports offer a free amount of parking, in this case twenty minutes, in order to reduce traffic past the terminal building. If possible, it is recommended to use the parking lot.

In the main parking lot, motorists will pay €1.50 for parking of between twenty minutes and an hour and a half, €2.60 for between an hour and a half and four hours, €5.40 for parking between four hours and nine hours, €7.30 for between nine hours and fourteen hours and €8.10 for parking between fourteen hours and twenty-four hours. Each additional day thereafter, and up to seven days, will cost €4.70. After seven days, each day will only cost €2.50.

Passengers who use the Saint-Etienne Airport car park more frequently, can buy a subscription, and enjoy unlimited parking rights. For a month, it will cost €40.00, for three months, €107.00 and for six months €183.00. A years worth of parking will cost €321.00. Charter passengers are even entitled to free parking at Saint-Etienne Airport.

Once ready to leave the airport, pay for your parking at one of the two kiosks in the terminal building, in cash or by credit card, or you can simply drive to the exit gate of the area, and use a credit or debit card to make the payment. The exit ticket will be returned to you, and serves as a receipt. This option is useful if the terminal is closed. Passengers who require further details regarding Saint-Etienne Airport parking can contact the airport information desk at 33(0)4 77 55 71 71. Parking subscriptions are also purchased at the information desk.