Getting to Saint-Etienne Airport

Saint-Etienne Airport is a small French airport serving the Loire department of the country, and in 2010, handled approximately 70,000 passengers. It’s three airline companies, Ryanair, Luxair and Pegasus Airlines have only a handful of destinations from the airport, but are nonetheless important for travel and tourism in the area. The terminal of the airport is well equipped to greet all passengers, and a number of transport options are available for arriving and departing passengers. It is also possible to drive to the airport, as it is surrounded by good roads and there is a parking lot. Saint-Etienne Airport directions are easy to follow, and the airport can be reached by car from all directions.

Saint-Etienne Airport serves the city of Saint-Etienne, located approximately 12km, or 7 miles to the south-east, and all other towns in the Loire department of France. It is also one of the airports in the country’s Rhône-Alpes region, known as the second most popular area for tourism in France. The airport lies on the eastern side of Andrézieux-Bouthéon, and is therefore commonly referred to as the Bouthéon Airport, or Aéroport Saint-Etienne-Bouthéon. It is also recognised by its airport code of EBU. Veauche is just north of the airport, Saint-Bonnet-les-Qules and Saint-Héand lie to the east, and La Fouillouse is to the south. Additional areas nearby to the airport and to Saint-Etienne include Saint-Victor, Firminy, St Chamond, Montbrison, Saint-Symphorien-sur-Coise and Feurs, while major cities within a hundred kilometres from the airport include Lyon, Le Puy, Grenoble, Valence and Clermont-Ferrand. The airport is also part of the Massif Central district of France, and Saint-Etienne is the capital city of the Loire department.

The main airport road is the D1082, and other large roads in the nearby vicinity include the A72, the D100, the D200 and the D12. From Saint-Etienne, the airport can be reached in about fifteen to twenty minutes.

Saint-Etienne Airport directions from Lyon

The major city of Lyon is about 65km from Saint-Etienne Airport and many people drive between the airport and this city. From Lyon, the A7 Autoroute should be taken in the direction of Marseille until reaching Givors, a few kilometres outside of the city, and then the 488 N ramp towards Clermont and the Saint-Etienne city centre. Once reaching Saint-Etienne on the A47, turn towards Clermont-Ferrand on the A72, and take the last exit 9: Airport Bouthéon. The drive should take just under an hour, depending on traffic conditions, and the roads are well signposted for airport directions. En route, motorists will pass the areas of Rive-de-Gier, La Grand-Croix, St Chamond and La Fouillouse.

Saint-Etienne Airport directions from Grenoble

Grenoble is just over eighty kilometres to the south-east of Saint-Etienne Airport. From here, start on the A48 towards Lyon, and then take the A43 exit number 5 Isle d’Abeau-Chesne. At Saint-Priest take the A46 to the south towards Givors and take the slip road N488 to continue in the direction of Saint-Etienne. Nearby Saint-Etienne, follow directions to Clermont-Ferrand and take exit 9 for the airport.

Saint-Etienne Airport directions from Annecy

From Annecy the A41 is used in the direction of Chambéry/Grenoble/Lyon. At Chambéry move onto the A43 in the direction of Saint-Priest. From Saint-Priest the same directions as above are followed to the airport.

Saint-Etienne Airport directions from Clermont/Roanne

From Clermont-Ferrand, take the A89 and continue onto the A72 autoroute in the direction of Lyon and Saint-Etienne, and from Roanne, take the N82 south until reaching the A72. About five kilometres after the tollbooth, take exit 9 ‘La Fouillouse’ for the airport. Clermont-Ferrand is about 90km from Saint-Etienne Airport, and along the way motorists will pass the areas of Thiers, Feurs and Montrond-les-Bains.

Saint-Etienne Airport directions from Le Puy en Velay

About 65km from Saint-Etienne Airport is Le Puy, and the main road leading from this city is the N88. Simply follow the N88 to Saint-Etienne, and turn onto the A72 in the direction of Clermont-Ferrand. Take the exit 9 ‘La Fouillouse, Aéroport de Bouthéon’. The smaller areas along this route include Yssingeaux, Monistrol-sur-Loire and Firminy.

As with all roads in France, the routes to the Saint-Etienne Airport can become busy at times, therefore always leave in plenty of time to reach the airport, find parking and check-in for your flight. There are 250 parking spaces at the airport, and for twenty minutes you can park for free. Alternative ways of reaching the airport are by bus or taxi. Taxis cost around twenty Euro from the city centre of Saint-Etienne, and buses are available from the Châteaucreux Train Station in the city, and from Lyon. Some of the bus services are operated by the airline companies of Ryanair and Pegasus Airlines. There is no train station at Saint-Etienne Airport.

There is a single terminal building at the airport, covering a total surface area of 2,300 square meters. Inside there are ATMs, WiFi internet connections, a snack bar, meeting rooms, information desks, car hire companies and a shop or two. The building can be accessed by disabled passengers in wheelchairs, as there are suitable toilet facilities, clear walkways, pavement ramps and reserved parking spaces.

Saint-Etienne Airport directions in further detail can be found online, at The airport can also be contacted at 33(0)4 77 55 71 71, and an email address which can be used is