Saint-Etienne Airport Taxis (EBU)

Saint-Etienne Airport is a French airport serving the Loire department in the famous Rhône-Alpes region of the country, and is often used as an alternative airport to the larger Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport, as Lyon is just 64km from Saint-Etienne Airport, and under an hour’s drive. The airport is also known as the Bouthéon Airport, due to its location in Andrézieux-Bouthéon, and has been allocated the official IATA code of EBU, in order to distinguish it from other airports of the world. Saint-Etienne Airport taxis provide passengers with a convenient form of transport to the nearby towns and cities, and are generally always available. Taxis can however, be more expensive than the bus services of the airport.

Outside of Saint-Etienne Airport’s single terminal building is the taxi rank, where all the airport taxis will be waiting for arriving passengers. The facilities of the airport are all within easy reach of one another, and no other form of transport is required on the airport grounds. In the terminal there is an ATM, a snack bar, Bureau de Change, WiFi internet connections and a shop selling reading material. There are also car hire companies for passengers who prefer to drive their own vehicle. The official Saint-Etienne Airport taxis are found outside of the arrival area, and their services should be used whenever a taxi is required. No other offers for transport from individuals in the arrival area should be accepted, unless a private transfer has been arranged in advance of your flight. Taxi companies authorised to provide services from airport locations usually have vehicles that are in good condition, and drivers which are familiar with the area and who are unlikely to overcharge their customers. Always report any unwanted offers to the airport security officials.

Although there are usually plenty of taxis waiting at the airport when arrival flights are due, it can sometimes happen that there are none when you reach the taxi rank. In this case, simply go to the information desk in the terminal building, and ask one of the staff members to call a taxi on your behalf. Alternatively, book a taxi in advance of your flight to Saint-Etienne Airport, in order to make sure that transport will be ready for your arrival.

Since there is no train station at the airport, many passengers take a taxi to either the Châteaucreux Train Station in Saint-Etienne, or to one of the smaller train stations in Andrézieux-Bouthéon. Saint-Etienne is about a 12km, or 7 mile drive from the airport, and a trip by taxi will cost approximately twenty Euro. However, the price of the journey will also depend on the day and time of travel, and on the final destination. The train stations in Andrézieux are just a five minute trip by taxi and will only cost a few Euro. Buses can also take you to the station in Saint-Etienne, but the prices of a taxi and bus service should be carefully compared. For example, a family of four could travel in a taxi for around twenty Euro, but each bus ticket will cost 7.50 at best, therefore, the same family will pay thirty Euro for their bus trip (unless the children are under two years of age, in which case they travel for free). Sometimes taxis aren’t more expensive than the buses, it will just depend on the number of travellers in your group, and your destination.

Taxis in France are metered, which means that they are equipped with a device that records the distance travelled. The customer is then charged per kilometre. On average, one kilometre costs just under two Euro. However, these are rates charged during daytime hours on weekdays and Saturdays (between 07:00 and 17:00). More expensive rates are applicable to journeys later in the evening or night, during early morning hours and for trips taken on Sundays and public holidays. There could also be additional charges over and above the metered fare, for luggage loaded, animals transported and for more than four adults in one vehicle. If you are concerned about being overcharged, try to find out the average taxi fare to your destination before approaching the taxi driver. The staff at the information desk of the airport may be able to assist, and sometimes taxi fares are posted here as well. Regardless, always discuss the fare with your driver before leaving the airport, and come to a rough agreement on the price of the journey.

Saint-Etienne Airport taxis are considered as a good form of transport for business travellers, as they are generally quicker and more private than buses, and for families travelling with young children, as buses can sometimes be hard to navigate with luggage and tired (or excited!) little ones. Keep in mind that a taxi is able to drop you off at the curb-side of your hotel, residence or place of business, whereas a bus may only be able to take you nearer to your destination.

From most airports, private transfers can be arranged, and provide a service similar to conventional taxis. However, they may be able to more easily accommodate larger groups of travellers, and provide child seats for small children. Their prices should also be compared to that of a taxi.

Further details regarding Saint-Etienne Airport taxis can be acquired from the airport information desk. Their telephone number is 33(0)4 77 55 71 71.