Getting to Limoges Airport

Limoges Airport has the official code of LIG, and serves the Limousin region of France. It is one of the country’s smaller airports, with only just over 330,000 passengers per annum, but still provides an important gateway to many popular tourist areas. The airport is also known as the Bellegarde Airport, or the Aéroport de Limoges – Bellegarde in French, and is located approximately 6km outside of the city of Limoges. The city is found alongside a major highway, and driving to the city or the airport is relatively easy. The airport directions are simple to follow as well. The airport is reasonably well equipped with various facilities for arriving and departing passengers.

The airport is found to the northwest of its city, and in the Haute-Vienne department of France. It is also only 20km from Saint-Junien, the other city of this department. The airport is within an hour and a half’s drive from various popular locations including Angoulême, Chateauroux, Poitiers, Périgueux, Guéret, Tulle and Brive-la-Gaillarde. Larger cities within reach of the airport of Limoges include Bordeaux, Lyon and Toulouse, while Paris, the capital city of France, lies further north of the airport. Surrounding the airport are the roads Av. De L’Aéroport, which links to the D20 and the D941, as well a the Rue du Petit Bellegarde and Av. De Landouge. The major highway into the city is the A20, which leads to areas north and south of Limoges.

From Limoges city the easiest access road to the airport is the D941, which runs around the western and northern outskirts of the city, and connects to the A20 just north of Limoges. The direction of Limoges Airport is well indicated by signs which read ‘Bellegarde’, and which have an aeroplane logo on them, while the A20 is marked by blue signs. From Limoges, the airport will only take fifteen to twenty minutes by car, depending on traffic conditions.

Directions from the south

From areas far south, such as Toulouse, motorists will travel the A62 until Montauban, and then join the A20 that leads to Limoges. The A20 is also marked at the E9. Along the way, motorists will also pass Brive-la-Gaillarde, which is approximately 106km, or 66 miles from the airport.

Directions from the north

Paris and Orleans are located far north of Limoges, and the A17, or E9 can be followed south to the city and its airport. Areas such as Vierzon are passed along the way, as well as Chateauroux (106km from Limoges Airport), Argenton-sur-Creuse and La Souterraine.

Directions from the west

Bordeaux is found to the southwest of Limoges, and is connected to the city by the A89, which joins the A20. This road also passes areas such as Perigueux (94km, or 59 miles from Limoges) and Brive-la-Gaillarde. From Angoulême, the airport is approximately 98km, or 61 miles, and this area is linked to Limoges by the N141 highway, also known as the E603.

Ddirections from the east

Areas to the east of Limoges include Clermont-Ferrand, and the major road from this city is the E70, or A89, which also links to the A20. Motorists should then head north on the A20 for the city of Limoges, and connections to the airport. Some areas passed along the way include Ussel and Tulle.

All major roads nearby the airport can be busy at times, therefore always leave sufficient time for your journey to the airport. Motorists will find adequate parking within walking distance of the terminal, and various facilities within the building as well. These include ticket offices for Air France, Ryanair and Flybe, a restaurant on the first floor with a large terrace from where the airport activities can be viewed, a bar, cash dispenser, telephone boxes, Internet connections and luggage trolleys. There are also good conferencing facilities at the airport, with a room able to seat up to 35 or 80 people. Baby-changing rooms are there for the convenience of passengers travelling with small children, and the building is fully accessible for disabled passengers.

Passengers can also arrive for their departure flight at Limoges by taxi, but no regular bus services are available. Only during the summer are there a few buses which serve the airport. There is no direct train connection at the airport either. Passengers on early flights are able to stay at the les Alizés Hotel, located just 100 metres from the airport terminal. Directions in more detail can be found at, and staff at the information desks at the airport will be able to provide assistance with all other airport facilities.