Limoges Airport Taxis (LIG)

Limoges Airport is found in France, and is just to the north-west of the city center. It is only a small international airport, handling just over 335,000 passengers per annum, and is ranked as the 23rd largest airport in the nation. The airport is also commonly referred to as the Limoges – Bellegarde Airport, or as the Aéroport de Limoges – Bellegarde in French, and is recognised by its official airport code of LIG. Limoges Taxis are about the best form of transport to and from the airport, unless you plan to rent a car, from one of the car hire companies available. The bus services to the airport are scarce, and therefore a taxi is a far better option.

The airport consists of just a single terminal building, for both arrivals and departures of domestic and international flights. It is therefore very easy to navigate, and all its facilities are clearly marked in French and English. The taxi rank can be found in front of the terminal building, and there are usually a couple of taxis available, in particular if a flight is landing at the airport. Simply collect your luggage from the baggage reclaim area and exit the terminal to find the taxis and their drivers.

Although only a small airport, without too much hassle, passengers are always recommended to only use the services of the official Limoges Airport taxi operators. At many airports in Italy and France, illegal drivers offer their services to passengers in the arrival halls. These taxi operators are not permitted to transport passengers to and from airports, and their customers may either experience services that are not of good quality, or stand the risk of being overcharged, with no established company to which a complaint can be issued. Always decline any offers suggested, and use the service of the taxis in the taxi rank. The drivers of official vehicles will always be waiting here, as they are not permitted to approach customers in the arrival areas. Passengers may even report any incidents to appropriate airport security officials.

One of the official Limoges Airport taxi companies is the Allo Artisans Limoges Taxis, with their website at Passengers may also book a taxi from this company in advance of their arrival, from the telephone number of 05 55 38 38 38, or from their email address at Further information regarding their services is also available on their website. However, if you should arrive at the airport and find no taxi available, simply request the staff at the information desk to call one for you. There are also telephone numbers of the taxi companies available at the airport if you wish to make the call yourself.

For the majority of 2011, an agreement has been reached between the International Airport of Limoges, Allo Artisans Limoges Taxis and SNCF (the main operator of railway services in France) that passengers can now use a set fare rate to travel between the airport and the main railway station in the city, and visa versa. The rate of €22.00 will be applicable to taxi journeys during daytime hours from Monday to Saturday and on public holidays, and the rate of  €30.00 will be charged for journeys later at night and on Sundays. This rate is charged per vehicle, regardless of the number of travellers in the taxi, or the quantity of luggage loaded. The journey will take approximately twenty minutes.

Taxi services in France generally operate on a metered system, apart from exceptions such in the case mentioned above, and each taxi should be equipped with a meter to record the number of kilometres travelled on the journey. The taxi fare is then calculated accordingly, excluding any additional costs, such as those for luggage, more than four passengers, animals in the taxi or airport fees. The meter at an airport taxi will also start at a basic rate.

Customers who wish to travel a little further by taxi can easily reach the nearby areas of Poitiers, Périgueux, Brive-la-Gaillarde, Chateauroux, Guéret and Tulle, all within an hour and a half’s drive from the airport. Other airports nearby include the Périgueux Airport, the Bive Vallée de la Dordogne Airport, Poitiers Airport, Chateauroux Airport and the Bergerac Airport. The distance of these airport are just below or just over 100km.

Further details for Limoges Taxis can be found at the airport’s information desk, or passengers can contact the airport at 05 55 43 30 30.