Low Cost Limoges Airport Parking

Limoges Airport is found nearby the city of Limoges, in France, and is an airport that handles approximately 340,000 passengers per annum. The airport is an important gateway to the Limousin region of the country, and is also international, serving a variety of UK destinations, such as South Hampton, the London airports, Liverpool and Manchester. Airport parking is provided in two areas nearby the terminal building, and is reasonably priced for those who would like to leave their vehicles for a few days. There is also a private car park for passengers staying at the les Alizés Hotel, found just 100 metres from the airport’s terminal.

The airport is located in the Haute-Vienne department in the Limousin region, and is approximately six kilometres northwest of the city of Limoges. Limoges can be accessed from various regions of France by the A20 motorway, which travels past the city on its eastern side, and to the north and south of Limoges. The airport is not directly connected to the A20, but is easily reached from Exit 28, with signs indicating ‘Bellegarde’ and which display an aeroplane logo. From the A20, motorists can reach Limoges from areas to the north such as Chateauroux, and areas from the south, such as Montauban and Brive-la-Gaillarde. Other important areas nearby include Poitiers, Angoulême, Périgueux and Tulle, while larger cities include Bordeaux, Lyon and Toulouse, as well as Paris, which lies to the far north of the airport. Once arriving at the airport, the parking areas are easy to locate, directly across from the terminal building.

One parking area at the airport is completely dedicated to the use of passengers and their private vehicles. This area is known as the P1 parking lot, and has 315 spaces. There is also a side car park, known as P2, just to the left of the terminal. This area is used for passengers, as well as for the vehicles that belong to the car hire companies, and has a total of 250 parking spaces. A third and smaller car park is also found at the airport, but is only used for the vehicles of the car rental companies, and has around 40 spaces. Passengers who have rented a car will usually be expected to return their vehicle to this parking area once their rental agreement has expired. The car hire companies at the airport include Hertz, Avis, National, Alamo and Europcar.

At many of the larger airports found in countries such as Italy and France, the dropping-off of passengers is prohibited from directly outside the terminal building, and this is due to reasons of safety, as well as to manage traffic directly past the entrances of the buildings. However, at smaller airports such as Limoges, ‘parking’ for very short periods is allowed at the terminal. The airport provides an area for this purpose in the middle lane, just after the terminal. This is the drop-off area, and may only be used for a minute or two. Vehicles may also not be left unattended in this area.

Disabled passengers and anyone with reduce mobility challenges are welcomed at Limoges Airport, by a number of facilities to ensure their comfort. In the middle of the terminal hall, there is a meeting point, elevators are available for access to the restaurant and boarding lounge, adapted toilet facilities are available for wheelchair users and there are six parking spaces allocated for use by disabled drivers only in the P1 parking lot. Disabled passengers may also be dropped-off in the specially reserved area just left of the terminal, at the end of the taxi rank. When parking in these areas, a valid disability badge will usually need to be displayed. Passengers can also request further assistance from their airline company, at least 48 hours prior to their departure flight.

The first twenty minutes of Limoges Airport parking is free of charge, and this also allows sufficient time when waiting for arriving passengers, or for saying farewell to departing passengers. Parking discounts are available for passengers flying on charter flights for a maximum of 12 days / 11 nights. Only 10 Euro will be charged for the entire stay, regardless of which parking lot is used. However, passengers flying to Figari, which is a scheduled seasonal flight, will not be able to use the discount. Passengers should provide their parking ticket on departure in order to receive their discount voucher.

Parking payments can be made at Limoges before returning to your vehicle. There are two automatic machines located nearby the exit of the terminal. Machine 1 inside the building only takes credit card payments, but machine 2, just outside the building, can accept cash or credit cards. Be sure to keep your parking ticket safe, and only pay for your parking period when ready to leave the airport.

Further parking details are available from the car park information desk, within the airport’s terminal building.