Limoges Tourist Activities

Limoges Airport is situated in the wonderful Limousin region of France, and although a small airport, it provides a very important gateway for many tourists who would like to explore Limoges, found in the Haute-Vienne department, as well as the other departments nearby, which include Creuse and the Corrèze. Limoges Airport is located approximately 6km from the city of Limoges, and has flights from the United Kingdom (Manchester, South Hampton, Liverpool and London) as well as from domestic locations, such as Lyon, Nice and Paris. Interesting historical attractions are found throughout the Limousin region, as well as beautiful religious buildings and many lovely parks and gardens.

The Limousin region is an area of natural beauty, and its diverse landscape makes it the perfect holiday destination for nature lovers. Locals in the area as well as tourists enjoy a wide range of activities. There are lovely lakes, rivers and ponds where fishing is popular, and areas which are lovely for horse-back riding, mountain biking and hiking. The area also features numerous golf courses for those who enjoy the sport. Tourists who love a bit of adventure will find a couple of places which offer all kinds of fun and exciting things to do. The Parcours Adventure La Lombertie offers coached tree climbing sessions, while the Mayaventure (Outdoor Leisure Centre and Adventure Trail) Centre offers over eighty games and activities, including monkey bridges, paintball, mini-golf, rope walls and a kids’ mini-park. Children also thoroughly enjoy the Wonderful Miniature Ebourliat, which is a magical miniature world with thousands of figures, over 200 engines, various special effects and water features.

In the Limousin region there are many animal parks that are a great outing for adults and children alike. One of the most popular is perhaps the Parc Du Reynou. This park is situated on a huge piece of land and is home to over 600 animals of varying species, including cheetahs, lions, zebras, giraffes, tigers, camels and spotted deer. There is also a petting zoo and numerous other attractions, and tours can be arranged for groups of about 25 people. On two hectares of land is the Animal Park ‘Les Z’Animoos’, which can be accessed from the A20 motorway, exit 45, and features many farm-type animals including pot-bellied pigs, donkeys, sheep, ponies, goats and peacocks. Bird enthusiasts can visit the Parc Ornithologique de la Corréze, with some of the world’s most beautiful types of birds. There a several types which face extinction as well, including currasows from South America, the capercaillie, tragopans from the Himalayas and green peacocks from Java. Two hour guided tours are available. In the city of Limoges, there is also the Aquarium Du Limousin, with some interesting fishy displays. The aquarium is open from 10:30 to 18:30, without interruption, but is closed in January.

In Limoges are there many peaceful green areas which can be visited for a picnic, and which are popular amongst locals on sunny days. In the northern suburbs close to Place Winston Churchill there is the Orsay Park, which consists of a mixture of mature trees and flowerbeds, and in the heart of Limoges, is the Champ de Juliet, a large area of green with some lovely winding paths to explore. It is also one of the larger open public gardens in the city. Another beautiful area is the Botanical Gardens, found at Place de la Cathérale, Limoges, and is one of the best gardens in the area. There are flowers and plants from across the world, and the park features many that are used for medicinal purposes as well.

A number of museums in Limoges attract visitors, including the National Adrien Dubouch Museum, the Municipal Museum l’Eveché and the Museum of the Resistance and Deportation. The first mentioned holds one of the best collections of ceramics in the whole of France, and is a larger museum with hundreds of exhibits that are bound to fascinate all who enter. The collections have been obtained from around the world, and offer something for all to enjoy. One of the most important aspects of Limoges is its contribution the art of enamel and porcelain, and therefore a large portion of the municipal museum is dedicated to this tradition. There is also an excellent variety of artwork and artefacts, and many paintings and sculptures to be admired. The Museum of Resistance and Deportation is similar to many found throughout France, and is housed in a beautiful 18th century building.

Important religious buildings and sites in Limoges include the Crypt of St. Marshal and the St. Etienne Cathedral, situated in the Cité Quarter of the city, and which was established in 1272. It is also famous for being one of the few Gothic churches to be constructed this far south of France. The city also features the St. Michel des Lions Church, with a long and interesting history dating back to the 16th century.

Additional Limoges attractions include the Bernardaud Porcelain Factory, situated about a kilometre to the north-west of the city, nearby the airport, the Canal Gallery run by six artists who specialise in enamel work and porcelain and the Grand Theatre. The Bernardaud Porcelain factory holds many exhibitions and demonstrations, and tours of the factory can be taken.

Information desks at the airport provide details for all these attractions and many more found in the Limousin region.