Hertz Limoges Airport

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Where is the Hertz Car Rental Desk at Limoges?


What time is Hertz open at Limoges?

Day Open Close
Monday 09:30 10:30
Tuesday 09:00 10:30
Wednesday 09:30 10:30
Thursday 09:00 11:00
Friday 09:00 11:00
Saturday 14:00 17:00
Sunday 14:00 19:00
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Avenue Pierre Mendes France Zone Industrielle Nord, Limoges, 87000
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7.26 KM


Rue Alexandre Guillon, Gueret, 23000
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64.28 KM


Avenue Du Marechal Juin, Espagnac, 16340
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81.27 KM

Brive La Gaillarde

1 Rue Pierre Fau, Brive, 19100
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82.87 KM


7 Rue Denis Papin, Perigueux, 24000
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83.30 KM


Station Total, Zi Chaulaudre, Egletons, 19300

84.12 KM

Brive Airport Souillac

Aeroport De Brive Vallee, Vallee De La Dordogne, Brive, 3697
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Poitiers Train Station

48 Boulevard Du Grand Cerf, Poitiers, 86000
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133 Bld Du Grand Cerf, Poitiers, 86000
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Poitiers Airport Biard

Biard Airport, Poitiers, 86000
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Poitiers North

1 Avenue De L europe, Chasseneuil Poitou, 86361

107.98 KM


Zae De La Plaisance, Barbezieux, 16300

112.14 KM


14 Boulevard De Bryas, Chateauroux, 36000
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96 Av Louis Ripault Route De Tours, Chatellerault, 86100
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51 Av D angouleme Chateau bernard, Cognac, 16100
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118.79 KM


19 Rue Hector Berlioz, Montlucon, 03100
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121.66 KM

Bergerac Airport

Roumanieres Airport, Bergerac, 24100
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Saint jean D angely

25 Avenue Du Point Du Jour, Saint Jean Dangely, 17400

131.82 KM

Niort Train Station

90 Rue De La Gare, Niort, 79000
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136.16 KM


89 Rue De La Gare, Niort, 79000
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137.36 KM


3 Rue De Verdun La Rocade, Parthenay, 79200
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139.41 KM


8 Rue Gutenberg, Aurillac, 15000
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143.72 KM

Aurillac Airport

Aerodrome De Tronquieres, Aurillac, 15000
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Clermont Ferrand

3 Rue Bernard Palissy, Clermont Ferrand, 63000
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Clermont Ferrand Airport

Aulnat Airport 1 Rue Adrienne Bolland, 1 Rue Adrienne Bolland, Aulnat, 63510
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153.59 KM


512 Avenue Jean Jaures, Cahors, 46000, 46000
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159.50 KM

Les Trois Moiteurs

Route National 147, Les Trois Moiteurs, 86120

160.65 KM


Route De Tours, Chinon, 37500

162.56 KM


142 Boulevard Emile Zola Chez Pla renault, Thouars, 79100
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164.15 KM


21 23 Bd Jules Cibrand, Issoire, 63500

164.51 KM


27 Avenue Des Pres Le Roi, Bourges, 18000
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165.94 KM


58 Ave Jean Jaures, Vierzon, 18100
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166.14 KM

Le Gua

57 Route De Royans Chalons, Le Gua, 17600

166.95 KM

Fontenay le comte

Bd General De Gaulle Feu Vert Avenue Des 3 Canons, Fontenay Le Comte, 85200
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167.16 KM


Z.i. De Fontvergnes, Decazeville, 12300

167.55 KM

Bordeaux East

3 Rue Sirazac, Tresses, 33370

173.00 KM

Tours Train Station

Gare Sncf, Tours, 37000
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173.98 KM


85 Avenue Des Celestins, Vichy, 03200, 03200
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176.28 KM

Hertz Limoges Airport

Limoges Airport is a small airport that serves the city of Limoges, in France, and is also commonly referred to as the Limoges – Bellegarde Airport. The airport is located approximately 6 km from the city, and 20 km from Saint-Junien, the other important city within the Haute-Vienne department. In 2010, Limoges Airport had almost 337,000 passengers, and is mainly served by the airline companies of Air France, Flybe and Ryanair. The single terminal building is reasonably well equipped with facilities, including several Limoges Airport car hire companies, such as Hertz. Hertz is a very popular choice of car Rental Company at many airports in France, and offers their customers competitive rental rates, along with high quality vehicles for hire.

The Limoges Airport Hertz location is approximately 15 km from the city’s railway station, and is open on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 08:00 to 18:00, and again from 21:00 to 21:30. On Tuesday, this Hertz location is open from 08:00 to 19:00, and from 21:00 to 21:30. Hertz is also available for weekend reservations, as their hours on Saturdays are from 09:30 to 16:30, and on Sundays, from 09:00 to 11:00, 14:00 to 18:00 and from 21:00 to 21:30. The half hour for which they are open later in the evening is only for Air France customers and their reservations. Hertz Limoges Airport requires all customers to provide details of their flight number when making a booking for their services.

The terminal of Limoges Airport is very easy to navigate, as it is just a single building for all airport operations, which include domestic and international departures and arrivals. Hertz can be found in the arrivals area of the airport, nearby the baggage reclaim area, and various other facilities, including tour operator agents, the other car hire companies and information desks. The airport is equipped for the comfort of disabled passengers, with suitable toilet facilities, meeting points for those in need of assistance and pavement ramps. At Hertz, hand controls may also be available for drivers who have a lower limb disability. The hand control device operates the brake and accelerator pedals of an automatic vehicle, and may come with a steering wheel knob for additional driving assistance. The device does not control any other vehicle operations, such as the lights, blinkers, windshield wipers or cruise control. From Limoges Airport, hand controls should be reserved at least 48 hours prior to your arrival. It is also usually recommended to hire your car in advance, from a car rental website which supports Hertz reservations. This ensures peace of mind in knowing that your ideal car will be ready and waiting for you at the airport.

Additional services from Hertz, Limoges Airport, include the rental of child seats for younger passengers, and one way hires, ideal for customers who will be leaving France from another airport or train station. Hertz one way hires, or the Hertz Rent-It-Here and Leave-It-There service allows customers to collect their vehicle from Limoges Airport, but then return it to one of the other hundreds of Hertz rental locations in France, or even in another country, such as Spain or Italy. If the vehicle is returned within the same country, there are usually no additional fees for the one way hire.

A rented car from any one of the Limoges Airport car rental companies allows you the freedom to fully explore this beautiful area of France, and even to travel to some of the larger cities nearby, which include Bordeaux, Lyon and Toulouse. In a car, you could even travel to Paris, which is located to the north of Limoges. France is well known for its wonderful historical attractions, and buildings such as the Eiffel Tower, and a rented car can easily get you to all the places you would like to see. Customers of Hertz in France have the special option of being able to reserve their vehicle by specific make and model from three categories. Usually, only a category can be chosen, but Hertz offers their Green, Fun and Prestige Collection cars that can be more specifically reserved. The VW Polo, Opel Corsa, Peugeot 308 HDI and Renault Megane Clio SW are found in the Green Collection, and are all cars which are considered to be environmentally friendly and fuel efficient. The Clio even includes a satellite navigation system.

Many vehicles can be found in the Hertz Fun Collection, and they can be super small like the Smart For Two or Mini Cooper or larger, like the Alfa Romeo Mito, Alfa Romeo Giulietta and the BMW Series 1 118D Sport. Other BMWs include the BMW 120D Luxe and the BMW Series 1 Convertible. Other convertibles also include the Renault Megane CC and Mini Cooper Convertible. Prestige cars are either larger vehicles or more elegant choices. The Renault Grand Espace, with GPS, is ideal for up to seven passengers, and the Volvo XC90, VW Tourareg, Mercedes ML 350 CDI and Audi Q7 are examples of SUVs. For larger groups of travellers, Hertz offers the Mercedes Viano, for up to nine passengers.

Alternative Hertz Limoges Airport vehicles may be similar to the Chevrolet Spark, Peugeot 107, Opel Astra and Ford C-Max. At this rental location, the primary renter and all additional drivers should be at least 21 years of age, and have a valid drivers license. Most licenses are accepted, provided that they are printed in English. Otherwise, an International Driving Permit may be required. At Limoges Airport, Hertz can provide all further details in regards to your specific rental requests.

Address:                     Limoges Airport
                                  Bellegarde Airport
                                  Limoges 87000

Telephone Number:      05 55 43 30 45

Fax Number:               05 55 00 17 59

Email Address:           limoges@hertz-grand-ouest.com