Getting to Paris Orly Airport

Orly Airport serves the city of Paris, along with the larger airport of Charles de Gaulle, and smaller airports such as the Le Bourget and Beauvais Airport. Paris Orly is located to the south of the city, whereas the other airports are to the north, and handles over 25 million passengers per annum. It is the second largest airport in France, and has the official code of ORY. The airport is extremely well equipped for its passengers, and there are also several options for transport to and from the airport. Passengers in their own vehicles will also find the airport directions easy to follow, and that major motorways connect the airport to the city centre, and other regions nearby.

The airport is situated approximately 13km, or 8.1 miles from the centre of Paris, and covers an area of 15.3 square kilometres. The airport straddles two departments and seven communes. The two departments are Essonne and Val-de-Marne, and their communes include Paray-Vieille-Poste, Wissous, Athis-Mons, Chilly-Mazarin, Morangis, Villeneuve-le-Roi and Orly. Due to the airport’s location nearby these communes, it has received the name ‘Orly’, and previously, the Villeneuve-Orly. Nearby the airport is Antony, which is also the location of the closest railway station, Créteil, Vitry-Sur-Seine, Les Ulis, Évry, Champigny-Sur-Marne and Pontault-Combault, while larger cities in the proximity of Paris include Le Havre, Caen, Le Mans, Rennes and Angers to the west, Beauvais, Amiens and Lille to the north, Luxembourg, Nancy and Strasbourg to the east and Orléans, Limoges and Lyon to the south. The Paris Orly Airport is easily accessed from all these areas by main highways, although many of these regions have a number of their own airports as well.

The large motorways leading to the airport include the A106, which is an extension of the A6 autoroute, and the N7 national highway. These roads pass the airport on the western and northern perimeters. Additional roads leading to the airport include the A86 from the west and east, and the N20 from the south. Paris Orly Airport directions are listed below.

Directions from the city centre   

The airport can be easily reached from Paris by the A6 motorway or the N7 (National Route 7). Surrounding the inner areas of Paris is the E15, E50 and E5, or a road also known as the Bd Périphérique. This road is directly connected to the A6A motorway (Autoroute du Soleil), which leads to Orly . The airport is signposted as the ‘Aéroport d’Orly’, and the journey will take approximately twenty to forty minutes, depending on your starting location and traffic. The N7 is joined from the Av. d’Italie or the Bd Kellermann road in the city, and leads directly south to the airport.

Directions from the west

From areas far west such as Mayenne the A12 is used for access to the southern areas of Paris, and the airport. This road also links the areas of Alencon, Dreux, Trappes and Versailles.

Directions from the east

From the east, the A4, N4 and A5 are prominent motorways. The A4 is used from areas such as Reims and Château-Thierry, while the N4 links to areas such as Nancy and Saint-Dizier. A little further south, the A5 passes Melun and Troyes.

Directions from the south

The major roads leading south include the A6, N20, A10 and A11. From Orléans the A10 is used, while the A6 leads to areas such as Auxerre and Beaune. It also connects to the A38 to Dijon and the A77 to Nevers. Passengers travelling to Paris Orly will use the A11 from Le Mans, and will pass areas such as Luigny, Chartres and Les Ulis.

All roads in the city centre of Paris can be very busy, as well as the main roads leading out of the city, therefore always leave sufficient time for your journey to the airport. If you do not wish to drive your own car to the airport, a RER B train can be taken from many of the stations in Paris. The train stops at the Gare d’Antony, from where the Orlyval (the airport’s automatic light rail system) can quickly take you to your terminal. The Orlybus is another option, as well as many other bus services, including the Air France buses. Taxis are also a convenient way to reach the airport. However, for your own car, adequate parking facilities are provided.

There are two terminal buildings at the airport, named as the Orly South terminal and the Orly West Terminal. Both are accessible to disabled passengers, and offer extensive facilities, which include play areas for children, post offices, HSBC banks and ATMs, multimedia terminals, multi-faith prayer areas, luggage services, lost property offices and health centres and pharmacies. There are also numerous shops, restaurants, bars and cafés of high quality.