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Paris Orly is the second largest airport in France, with over 25 million passengers per annum, and is located just 13km, or 8.1 miles from the city centre of Paris. The airport has the official code of ORY, and used to be known as the Villeneuve-Orly. Since that it is such a large airport, its terminals are extensively equipped, and passengers arriving in their own vehicles will find plenty of parking areas. Short-term and long-term parking is available, and specific parking lots are allocated to each of the two terminal buildings.

The airport is very convenient to access by motor vehicle, as it is directly connected to various large highways and motorways. The access road of the airport is the A106, which is an extension of the A6, leading into Paris and also to the south, to various other regions of the country. The National Route 7 is another of the prominent roads leading to the airport, from both the south and north sides of the buildings. Orly is located on the southern side of Paris, and is particularly nearby the areas of Wissous, Athis-Mons, Orly, Champlan, Chilly-Mazarin, Morangis, Rungis and Villeneuve-le-Roi. The airport also straddles two departments, known as Essonne and Val-de-Marne.

Paris Orly Airport parking is provided in various areas for both of the terminal buildings. These buildings are referred to as the Orly-South and the Orly-West, due to their location on the airport grounds, and both handle numerous domestic and international flights. The terminals are quite far apart, and are therefore connected by the Orlyval, which is the airport’s automatic light rail system, free for the use of all passengers. Although transfer to another terminal is quick and easy, it is better to park in one of the parking areas nearer to your terminal of departure.

Parking for the South Terminal

The closest parking area to the South Terminal is the P1 parking lot, which actually adjoins the building. It is a covered parking area, and is open from 03:30 to 00:30 throughout the year. In order to reach P1, motorists will follow signs for ‘Orly South’, and then for ‘P1 Orly South’. P1 is best used for short-term parking, as it’s rates are fairly expensive, at €3.40 for the first hour, €18.30 for seven hours and €26.50 for the first twelve hours of parking. After twenty-four hours, charged at €27.50, a daily rate will be calculated. Reserved disabled parking spaces can be found in the P1 area, and persons who produce their parking ticket and a valid French disablement card at the car park exit office will receive a 50% discount on their parking rates. Payments can be made in cash, by cheque or by credit card.

The P3 parking area is the second parking lot for the South Terminal, and is divided into areas referred to as the P3rouge and P3vert. It is also a covered parking area, with spaces for disabled persons, and has the same parking rates as P1. Once your vehicle has been parked, take the elevator and moving walkways and walk to the check-in area. Nearby the South Terminal is an open air car park known as P6, which can be used for short-term or medium length parking stays. It is also within walking distance of the terminal, and is marked as ‘P6 Orly South’.

Parking for the West Terminal  

Two areas provide convenient parking for passengers departing from the West Terminal of Orly Airport. The first is P0, which is an area adjoining the terminal, and is covered. It is also a car park that is covered by video surveillance for security purposes. Motorists can follow signs for ‘Orly West’ and then for ‘P0 Orly West’, find a suitable parking space and simply take the elevator and moving walkways to the check-in area. The car park is open from 03:30 to 00:30, all year. The parking rates are the same as those mentioned for P1, and there are a number of spaces especially for disabled passengers. The second parking area for the West Terminal is also covered, and nearby the terminal, and is referred to as the P2 parking lot. A payment by cheque can be accepted for the P0 area, but only cash or credit cards can be used for P2.

Parking for both terminals

Three parking areas with lower rates are available for passengers departing from either terminal at Orly Airport. They are named as the P4, P5 and P7 parking lots, and are located at a further distance from the terminals. However, a free shuttle bus service can help passengers with transport to the West or South buildings. P4 is closer to the West Terminal, and is an open air car park. The shuttle bus is available from next to the payment point at the car park exit, and will take four minutes to reach Orly-West and five minutes to reach Orly-South. Passengers will be dropped off at Entrance G of the South Terminal, and at Entrance H of the West Terminal. A shuttle bus is available approximately every nine minutes.

P5 is a covered parking area, and is very nearby the West Terminal. The shuttle buses for this parking area are found next to the traffic circle, between the streets d’Italie and Maryse Hislz. The parking lot P7 is ideal for use by passengers of Orly South or Orly West as well, but is only for those who have reserved parking spaces online. There are also no specially reserved spaces for disabled drivers/passengers in P7, and payments are made by credit card only.

Airport parking is available for motorcycles as well, in every car park besides P7. Passengers on motorcycles should use the special lanes provided, and may only park in the specially provided areas for such vehicles.
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