Buses to and from Grenoble Airport (GNB)

Grenoble Airport is one of the ‘newer’ French airports, as it was only built for the 1968 Winter Olympics, and is considered as a very important gateway to the Isère department of the country, and to the French Alps ski resorts. It is located approximately 45km from the city of Grenoble, alongside the smaller commune of Saint-Etienne-de-Saint-Geoirs, and also only about a forty-five minute drive from the city of Lyon. It is known as the Grenoble-Saint-Geoirs Airport and as the Grenoble-Isère Airport as well. The airport’s official code is GNB. Passengers in need of transport find the Grenoble buses to be very efficient, comfortable and affordable, and therefore an excellent way to reach areas in Grenoble and Lyon. Buses also provide valuable connections to the area’s ski resorts.

Passengers arriving at Grenoble will find the bus stops directly outside of the terminal building, with buses which make frequent journeys to both Grenoble and Lyon. They can also be referred to as coach services, as both cities are located at quite a distance from the airport. The two bus companies in charge of the transport services are the Grenoble Altitude and Agbus, and they are professional companies who have many years of experience in transportation. Taxis are also available from the airport, but passengers often prefer the lower prices of the airport buses, and find their journey to be most convenient. Grenoble buses are available to the airport as well, from the cities of Grenoble and Lyon, and are an excellent way to reach your departure flight if you do not wish to park at the airport.

The Grenoble Altitude Airport Buses

The Grenoble Altitude buses provide a very important link between Grenoble Airport and the Grenoble bus station, from where passengers have access to regional trains and the high-speed TGV train services of the country, long-distance buses of the Isère department known as the Transisère buses and TAG, which is the name given for all the local bus and tramway services of Grenoble. The Transisère buses are particularly important for the transportation of passengers to the ski resorts of the area, of which there are about 200.

No bookings are necessary for this bus service, and the tickets for the journey can be purchased from the ticket booth within the airport’s terminal building, which is found directly across from the baggage reclaim area. Its sign may indicate ‘Transfers’. A one-way trip to Grenoble train and bus station will be approximately twelve Euro, while a return journey will be about twenty-two Euro. The buses provided by Grenoble Altitude are all high-comfort vehicles, equipped with air-conditioning and toilet facilities, and will take you to Grenoble in about forty-five minutes. Luggage is transported for free (weight limit of 30kg). Small items can be stored in the luggage racks above the seats, while larger items are in the holds. The bus drivers are willing to provide assistance with loading of luggage. In order to reduce waiting times for buses, their schedules are coordinated with the flights of the airport.

In winter, the Grenoble Altitude buses provide a ski transfer service from Grenoble Airport to les 2 Alpes and Alpe d’Huez, and stop at several locations within both resorts. It is recommended to always reserve buses to the ski resorts as early as possible. This journey by bus will take approximately two hours. Further details for the services of Grenoble Altitude can be found online, at http://www.grenoble-altitude.com.

Grenoble Buses to Lyon

The Agbus travels from the airport to the Lyon Part Dieu Train Station everyday of the week, but not as frequently as the buses to Grenoble city. However, there is at least one service per day. Tickets for this journey will cost around twenty Euro for a one-way trip, and they can be purchased from the airport or from the official website of the bus company, found at http://www.agbus.fr.

In general, Grenoble has an excellent bus and tram transport system, which is used by many of the local residents, as well as tourists. The regional buses take passengers to ski stations and to several towns in the surrounding countryside, and there are four tram lines which cross the city. Bus tickets can be purchased directly from the bus driver, or in advance for longer journeys to the ski resorts, and are valid for an hour of travel. Tickets for the trams can be bought from the machines on the platforms. Tickets are also available at the Maison du Tourisme. It is important to always remember to stamp your ticket, either on board the bus or at the validation machines on the tram platforms before entering the tram. Ticket inspections are frequent, even over the weekends.

Further details regarding Grenoble buses are available from the information desk within the airport terminal.

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