Grenoble Airport Taxis (GNB)

Grenoble Airport is one of the smaller international airports found in France, and is situated about 45km outside of Grenoble city. It is otherwise known as the Grenoble-Isère Airport, as it serves towns and cities in the Isère department of the country, or as the Grenoble-Saint-Geoirs Airport, because of its location nearby the commune of Saint-Etienne-de-Saint-Geoirs. The airport handles over four hundred thousand passengers per annum, and is an important arrival point for tourists, as it provides a gateway to the French Alps. Buses and taxis provide transport for these passengers, but by taxi is often the preferred way to travel. Grenoble taxis provide a professional service, and can be trusted to help you safely reach your next destination.

Flights arrive at Grenoble from London, Guernsey, Copenhagen and Rotterdam, amongst other locations, and airline companies serving the airport include Aurigny Air Services, Easyjet, Ryanair, Transavia and Norwegian Air Shuttle. There are two arrival areas within the single terminal building, and here passengers will find all the facilities they require for a comfortable entry to this part of the country. From just outside the arrivals area, directly in front of the airport terminal, the taxi rank can be found, and there are generally always taxis ready and waiting for arriving passengers. Grenoble taxis can also be reserved in advance. Enquiries and bookings can be made at the airport information desk, and their contact details are as follows: Telephone number - +33 4 76 65 48 48, and email address

Although only a smaller French airport, with fewer incidents of illegal taxi operators, passengers are to keep in mind that only the official airport taxi services should be used, and to not accept offers from anyone else in the arrival areas. Taxi drivers ‘looking’ for passengers in the airport halls may not be permitted to provide transport, and may be a risky choice for passengers. Their vehicles may be underinsured, and there might not be anywhere to call and lodge a complaint should the charges be above what is generally acceptable. Legitimate taxi drivers will always be found at the vehicles in the taxi rank, and not in the arrival halls. Passengers with enquiries should go to the information desk of the airport. Staff at the desk may also be able to give the approximate taxi fares to various popular locations in the area.

The airport taxi operators are found in the taxi rank of the airport, but passengers who have arranged a private transfer may be greeted by their driver in the arrival area. Private transfers are similar to taxis, but passengers may travel with others in slightly larger vehicles, and the service will require an advanced reservation. Taxi fares may be similar to those offered for private transfer, but whether they are more expensive or not will depend on the number of passengers in need of transport. Private companies often charge per person, whereas one, two, three or four passengers will travel for the same price in a taxi. Families with babies or small children may prefer a private transfer, as child seats can often be arranged, and special vehicles for disabled passengers are usually available as well. However, taxis may also be equipped for the transport of a person in a wheelchair. Any special services required are recommended to be reserved in advance.

Grenoble Airport private transfer companies and their contact details include: Agbus (+33 4 76 27 89 29, email address –, Actibus (+33 4 76 06 48 66, email address -, Premiere Classe Transport (+33 4 76 72 22 71, email address – and Taxi Hervé Bringer (+33 (6) 80 10 78 71, email address –

Transport in a taxi from Grenoble Airport will be charged at a metered rate, which means that there is a set amount charged for each kilometre travelled. This rate will depend on the time and day of the journey, as there are two tariffs used. The rates for travel during daytime hours (between 07:00 and 17:00), Monday to Friday, and on Saturdays, are cheaper, while later in the evening, during the night and early morning, on Sundays and on public holidays, taxi fares are more expensive. Passengers can also expect a few Euros charged in addition to the metered rate, for luggage loaded, more than four passengers in the vehicle and for any animals sharing the taxi ride. The meter also starts at a small minimum fee, and there could be airport charges applicable to the journey.

Taking a taxi to your home, place of business or hotel is most convenient, but always try to come prepared. Know the average price that will be charged for your journey, so that you will know if you are being overcharged, and ask the driver to explain any additional costs applicable before you leave the airport. If you are from another country, a few words learnt in French could help immensely, however, the taxi drivers usually speak English as well as French. A little time spent on research could help you avoid being overcharged. From the airport, taxis offer transport to Grenoble city for about 70 Euros.

Only buses and taxis provide transport to and from the airport, as there is no railway station, and although buses are a cheaper way to travel, taxis are faster, more private and perhaps easier to negotiate with a couple of luggage items. For these reasons, Grenoble taxis are popular amongst business professionals and families. All further details are available from the information desk within the terminal building.