Low Cost Grenoble Airport Parking

Grenoble Airport is a French international airport, serving the city of Grenoble, as well as other towns in the nearby vicinity. It is recognised and distinguished from other airports in the world by the official code of GNB, and may also be referred to as the Grenoble-Saint-Geoirs Airport, because it is nearby the commune of Saint-Etienne-de-Saint-Geoirs, or as the Grenoble-Isère Airport, due to its location in this department of the country. Grenoble parking is provided for all passengers and visitors arriving in their own vehicles, and the parking area of the airport is adequate for the number of persons who pass through the airport building on a yearly basis. In the future, the parking lot will no doubt be enlarged should passenger traffic increase.

From Grenoble, the airport is about a half an hour drive, as it is approximately 45km, or 28 miles outside of the city. It is also only a fifty minute drive from Lyon. The road network of France is generally very good, connecting all small and large towns and cities, and main roads lead to all the airports. The D119 is the road for the airport, and it is easily accessed from the Autoroute A48. The A48 heads south towards Grenoble, as well as north towards the A43, for access to Bourgoin-Jallieu and Lyon. The A43 provides access to the airport from Chambery as well. Motorists can therefore easily travel to Grenoble in their own vehicle, and will also be able to find parking at the airport. The parking lot provides space for short and long term stays.

Grenoble Airport Parking

The airport is not a large French Airport, as it only handles around five hundred thousand passengers per annum. It therefore only has one car parking area for the use of its passengers. The car park is located outside of the main terminal building, and is within walking distance of the airport’s’ facilities. No further transport is needed from your car to the check-in desks. In total, there are five hundred spaces available for the parking of privately owned vehicles, and sixty spaces for coaches. There is also room for the parking of the rented cars owned by the car hire companies of the airport.

The car parking area of the airport is open from 07:00 to 21:00, and the parking rates are as follows: The first fifteen minutes of parking is free, fifteen minutes to one hour – €5.00, one hour to three hours – €7.00, three hours to seven hours – €10.00, seven hours to twenty-four hours – €13.00, two days – €22.00, three days – €32.00, between four and ten days – €45.00 and for each day thereafter – €5.00. Subscriptions for the parking lot can also be purchased, for example, unlimited parking for three months will cost around €175.00, and a year’s parking will cost about €480.00. A subscription could be much cheaper for frequent flyers, or for persons who need to use the parking lot on a frequent basis.

Since there is only one parking area at Grenoble Airport, it is used for long and short term stays, and for disabled passengers, there are reserved parking spaces as nearby to the terminal entrance as possible. These spaces should be used only by disabled drivers, or by persons who are transporting a disabled passenger. The terminal building of the airport is fully accessible for disabled persons as well, with pavement ramps, adapted toilet facilities and specially lowered check-in desks and telephone booths. Further assistance can be arranged from the passenger’s airline company as well.

The majority of airports in France allow motorists to drop off departing passengers in front of the terminal building. On the road past the terminal, cars should only park for a minute or two at most, and the driver should remain inside the vehicle. Therefore, persons may not wait in this area for arriving passengers who are not already at curb-side. Cars may not be left here unattended for any reason. In order to reduce the amount of traffic past the terminal, it is recommended to use the first fifteen minutes of free parking available to drop off departing passengers or collect arriving passengers from the airport’s parking lot.

Upon entrance to the airport car park, motorists will receive a parking ticket, and this ticket should be kept somewhere safe as it will be used to pay for the parking and for exit of the parking lot. Payments can be made inside the terminal building at the payment machines found next to the baggage reclaim area. Only pay once you are ready to leave the airport, as only a few minutes are allowed in order to reach your vehicle and exit the parking lot. Most airports have a cash desk for parking payments as well.

Passengers can contact the information desk for all further enquiries regarding Grenoble parking. Their telephone number is +33 4 76 65 48 48.