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Pau Airport is located approximately 10km, or 6.2 miles from the city centre of Pau, and is one of the important airports in the Pyrénées region of the country. It is found in the commune of Uzein, and in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department of France. It is therefore officially named as the Pau-Pyrénées Airport, and has the IATA code of PUF. The airport handles around 700,000 passengers per annum, and is served by several important airline companies, which fly to local and international destinations. Arriving passengers will find Pau Airport taxis available from the terminal building. Taxis are an excellent way to reach the city centre, or any other nearby area.

The airport of Pau has a terminal building which is capable of handling up to a million passengers per annum, and since its traffic is currently recorded at around 670,000, it is comfortable for its passengers. Each day, approximately 2,500 to 3,000 passengers pass through the building. All facilities are well indicated, in English and French, and there are airport shops and restaurants, ATMs, information desks, meeting rooms, a VIP lounge and WiFi connections for arriving and departing passengers. The terminal is open from 05:00 to 22:45, seven days a week. There are various forms of transport available for arriving passengers, including bus services, taxis and car hire companies. Passengers who need a ‘one-way’ journey often choose a taxi to reach their destination, as they are quicker and more convenient than the bus services. However, taxis are more expensive than the buses of the airport.

Pau Airport taxis are operated by a wide variety of companies, and their vehicles will be waiting in the taxi rank of the airport, which can be found just outside of the arrival hall. It is recommended to always use the official airport taxis, those which are licensed and given permission to transport passengers to locations from the airport, as they will provide the best service, and overcharging is a less likely scenario. A stranger offering taxi services within the arrival hall should be reported, and their offer declined. Passengers who are unsure of where to find the taxis can make enquiries at the information desk.

Although there are almost always taxis waiting for passengers outside the terminal, especially when there are arrival flights, there are times when taxis may be scarce. This is especially the case on Saturday evenings, Sundays and public holidays. Passengers arriving at these times should book their taxi in advance of their arrival. The staff members at the information desk may also be able to assist with booking a taxi should there be none waiting at the taxi rank.

The city of Pau is not far from the airport, and therefore a ride by taxi is not too expensive. It will cost about 25.00 Euro for a taxi to the Pau Train Station, or to the town centre on weekdays, and about 30.00 Euro for the same journey at night, on Sundays and on public holidays. In general, taxis are cheaper during the hours of 07:00 and 17:00, weekdays and Saturdays, and more expensive in the evening, night and early morning hours of all days of the week, on Sundays and on bank holidays. Lourdes is an important city nearby Pau in terms of religion, as it was here that a young girl in 1858 encountered apparitions of Mary, the Mother of God, on several occasions. It is therefore considered by Roman Catholics as a sanctuary, and is visited by millions every year. Passengers are able to travel by taxi from Pau Airport to Lourdes at a cost of around 90.00 Euro during the day, and about 110.00 Euro at night, on Sundays or on public holidays. These prices are an estimation, and may vary according to the distance of the journey, the destination and the number of passengers in the vehicle.

Taxis in France are metered, which means that they have a device which records the number of kilometres travelled. The rate charged to the customer is then calculated accordingly. However, there may also be additional charges, such as those for luggage loaded, more than four adult passengers in a taxi and for animals transported. The meter may also start at a small minimum fee, and there could be surcharges for journeys commencing from an airport location. The price for your journey can be discussed with the taxi driver before leaving the airport, and it is sometimes possible to find out the average cost of your trip from the airport information desk. It is often wise to learn a few worlds in French as well!

Another option similar to taxis, and available from the majority of airports, is a private transfer, offered by private transporters who have vehicles of various sizes. Their services will require an advanced reservation, and their costs may be similar to a taxi, however, they could be cheaper or more expensive, mostly depending on the number of travellers. Transports Lacoste offers transport for those who want to travel to Lourdes, and they are about 78.00 Euro for one to four people during the day. They also hire minibuses for eight people and coaches for between nineteen and twenty-seven people.

Pau taxis are a more private form of transport than buses, and are often chosen by business professionals and families travelling with young children. They are quicker as well, and more convenient, since they are able to deliver you to the doorstep of any destination. Contact the following telephone number for further information: +33 (0)5 59 33 33 00.