Low Cost Pau Airport Parking

Pau is one of the medium sized airports in France, with around 600,00 to 700,000 passengers per annum. It is found in the south-western region of the country, nearby the Pyrénées mountains, and is therefore officially named as the Pau-Pyrénées Airport. It also provides access to coastal areas, to popular inland areas for tourism and is only fifty kilometres north of the border of Spain. The airport has the official IATA code of PUF. For passengers on departure flights, and for those collecting arriving passengers, the Pau Airport parking areas are adequate, and provide plenty of spaces for private vehicles. The car parks are reasonably priced, and nearby to the passenger terminal as well.

The airport of Pau is found in the commune of Uzein, and approximately 10km, or 6.2 miles from Pau city centre. The airport serves many towns in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department, named for its close proximity to the Atlantic ocean and the Pyrénées mountains, and is close by to towns such as Tarbes and Lourdes. The Sanctuary of Lourdes is visited by millions each year as it has important religious sights. It is believed that Mary, Mother of God, appeared to a young girl in the Grotto on several occasions in 1858. Passengers travelling from Lourdes can reach the airport on the D940, which leads to the A64 Autoroute, and in turn, to the airport. The A64 provides access from Toulouse and Tarbes in the east as well, and from coastal areas, such as Bayonne, Biarritz and Anglet. The A64 and the A65 are the two larger roads leading past the airport, while the D716 is the access road of the airport. The road network in France is considered as very good, and motorists will easily be able to travel to the airport from all areas nearby. Once at the airport, private vehicles can be left at the passenger’s/visitor’s own risk in one of the Pau Airport car parking areas.

Pau parking lots

There are two parking areas at the airport from which to choose. One is more suitable for short-term parking, while the other is ideal for longer stays. The total number of parking spaces available is 1,300. Persons who do not wish to park their vehicle can drop departing passengers at the entrance of the terminal building, or collect arriving passengers who are already waiting at the curb-side. The road leading past the airport is not for parking as such, but at smaller French airports, the ‘drop-off’ zone can be used for a minute or two. The driver of the vehicle is recommended to stay behind the wheel, and may not leave the vehicle unattended for any reason. Any car found empty at the terminal entrance will be towed.

However, the first half an hour of parking is free of charge, therefore it is recommended to rather use this time for the offloading of passengers and their luggage items, or to wait for arriving passengers, in order to reduce traffic past the entrance of the building. In both parking lots, which are named P1 and P2, a free thirty minutes of parking is offered. The short-stay car park P1 is recommended to be used for a few hours only, or a day or two at most, however, can be used for any length of time. It is located nearest to the passenger terminal, and the first six hours of parking will cost €4.50, and nine hours will be charged at €6.50. Parking for twenty-one hours will cost €11.50, and parking for a day will cost €12.50. Two days will be €20.50, and three days will be €30.50. Each additional day thereafter will cost €9.00.

Pau Airport is equipped to welcome disabled travellers, and in the P1 car park, there are special parking spaces for such passengers. The car parks also have appropriate signage.

The long-term car park P2 is better value for money for those staying longer than twenty-four hours, as three days of parking will only cost €19.50, and each additional day will be charged at €3.50. The charges for up to twenty-four hours of parking are the same as for P1. P2 is a little further from the terminal, but is still within easy walking distance of all airport facilities. There is no need for further transport at Pau Airport.

Subscriptions are available for the Pau parking areas, for three months, six months, nine months or a year, and this is a more economical way to pay for parking if you are a frequent user of the airport’s facilities. Special parking rates may be available for passengers on holiday flights as well, for example €15.00 for seven days or €10.00 for four days of parking. Travel agents can provide further information, or an email can be sent to contact@pau.aeroport.fr.

It is easy to pay for parking as there are automatic payment machines available and a manned payment desk. The machines are found in the parking area P1, and one is in the terminal building. Motorists may pay at the exit of the parking areas as well, by credit or debit card.

Further information regarding Pau parking is available from the airport. The contact number to dial is +33 (0)5 59 33 33 00, and a fax number to use is +33 (0)5 59 33 33 49. Email enquiries can be sent to parking@pau.aeroport.fr.