Getting to Strasbourg Airport

Strasbourg Airport is known in French as the Aeroport de Strasbourg, and it has been allocated the official code of SXB. It can also be referred to as the Entzheim Airport, due to its location in the area of Entzheim. The airport is very nearby to the city centre, and is one of the most important air gateways in France, handling over a million passengers per annum. It is very well equipped with passenger facilities, and is served by a number of airline companies. Transportation to the airport is available, but passengers in their own vehicle will find Strasbourg directions quite simple to follow. Strasbourg is surrounded by main motorways which lead to areas in France and Germany.

The airport is found in Eastern France, approximately ten kilometres from the city centre of Strasbourg. It is in the Alsace region, and serves many of the towns and cities in the Bas-Rhin department of the country. The airport is located particularly nearby to the areas of Entzheim, Holtzheim, Duppigheim and Hangenbieten, as well as to the larger areas of Lingolsheim and Illkirch-Graffenstaden. The city of Strasbourg is one of the nine largest cities in France, and has nearly a million and a half residents. The city lies on the eastern bank of the River Rhine, and to the east of Kehl, Willstät, Offenburg and Oberkirch, which are all cities in Germany. In France, Strasbourg is to the south of Haguenau, to the west of Nancy and to the north of Mulhouse.

The airport’s main access road is the D221, and this road is linked to the D392 along the southern and eastern sides of the airport, as well as to the A35 motorway. Other roads nearby include the D222 and the D93.

Directions from Strasbourg and Haguenau

The motorway of the A35 is used for access the airport from the city of Strasbourg. It is also known as the E25. The A35 is taken in a southerly direction towards Colmar/Mulhouse, and then the D400 towards Entzheim, at Exit 8. The D400 provides a link to the D221, which is the airport road. The D392 is another road which leads towards the airport, and passes the area of Elsau, Montagne Verta and Lingolsheim. This road connects to the D221 of the airport. The average journey time to the airport from the city is fifteen to twenty minutes. Signs point the direction to the ‘Aeroport International de Strasbourg’ from all main routes, and passengers should have little trouble in finding their way.

From Haguenau, north of Strasbourg, the A4 motorway can be used. Nearby the city centre it links to the A35, from where the above mentioned directions can be followed. To reach the A4, motorists from Haguenau should take the D263 south, and then the D1340 which links to the A4 motorway.

Directions from the south and west (France)

From Nancy, west of Strasbourg, the A33 and the N4 motorways are used for travelling to the airport and to the city of Strasbourg. En-route, motorists will pass Lunéville, Sarrelbourg and Saverne. Nancy is about a hundred kilometres from Strasbourg Airport, and from Saverne, the journey is just over half an hour. The capital city of France, Paris, is also to the west of Strasbourg, and is about a four hour drive from the airport. From Luxembourg to the northwest of Strasbourg, the airport is about a two hour and fifteen minute drive on the A31 and the A4.

From areas south of Strasbourg, the airport is easily accessed by the A35 motorway. From Mulhouse, Strasbourg Airport is about an hour’s journey, and from Colmar, it is about forty minutes. Areas passed along the way also include Sélestat and Obermai. The N83 is another road heading towards Strasbourg from the south, and is also connected to the N353 to Offenburg, Germany.

Directions from German cities

The main highway in this country, and nearby to the border between France and Germany, is the A5, or the E35. The main connections from this road to France are the D4 to Baden-Baden, the E52 just east of Strasbourg and passing Kehl and Willstät and the N353 to Offenburg. The Baden-Baden Airport is about 42km from Strasbourg , and Karlsruhe is a little further to the north of Baden-Baden.

Motorists will find plenty of parking options at Strasbourg Airport, for short-term and long-term stays, and should try to arrive at the airport in good time for their departure flight. The airport has a large, single terminal building that is equipped for the needs of all passengers, including those with reduced mobility challenges. There is a business centre next to Arrivals on the first floor with four rooms to hire, shops, restaurants and bars, ATMs, free WiFi connections and VIP lounges on the ground floor and first floor of the departure area. There are also baby-changing facilities and a few children’s play items, such as the merry-go-round in the departure hall.

Passengers who would prefer not to drive to the airport can arrive by bus, taxi or train. A commuter train from the Strasbourg Train Station in the city is available approximately every fifteen minutes to the Entzheim Station at the airport, with a journey time of just nine minutes. Buses take passengers to the airport from the Baggersee Tram Station, and taxis are available from all areas in the city. Taxis can be called, or they can be found at the train stations and at other main public areas in the city.

Driving directions in further detail are available at, or the airport can be contacted for more information, at +33 (0)3 88646767.