Low Cost Strasbourg Airport Parking

The airport is located nearby the city centre of Strasbourg, in Eastern France, and also nearby to the border between France and Germany. Its unique location provides access to a large number of towns and cities in both countries. It has the IATA code of SXB, and is also known as the Entzheim Airport, as it is located in the area of Entzheim. For passengers arriving in their own vehicles, Strasbourg Airport parking is available in various parking lots. Airport parking is convenient for use by all passengers, and is often preferable to arriving by public transport.

The airport is found in the Alsace region of France, and in the Bas-Rhin department. It is easily accessed from all directions, as a number of main roads lead to Strasbourg. From the south, the A35 from Mulhouse, Colmar and Sélestat is used, or the N83 can be travelled towards Illkirch-Graffenstaden, south of Strasbourg. The A35 is also the largest road used from the city of Strasbourg, and provides a link to the D400, and in turn the D221, which is the access road of the airport. Other major roads leading to Strasbourg include the N4 and A4 from the west/north-west, and cities such as Nancy and Metz, and the A5, which is one of the main roads in Germany, running parallel to the border between the countries. The E52 is the main link to Strasbourg from this road, and passes Willstät and Kehl. Once at the airport, one of five airport parking lots can be chosen, and they are all located close by to the terminal building.

Airport Parking

At Strasbourg Airport there are over 3,000 parking spaces provided in the five parking lots, which is considered to be adequate for the number of passengers which arrive by motor vehicle. Every year, the airport serves just over a million passengers, however, not all use airport parking, as trains and buses are available as well. Passengers who would rather not park can catch commuter train from the Strasbourg Train Station west of the city centre, or can take the shuttle from the Baggersee Tram Station. Taxis also provide transport to the airport.

Drivers who would like to simply drop off departing passengers can make use of the short-stay car park known as P1. Here there are fifty-four parking spaces available, and the first fifteen minutes are free of charge. This is a convenient amount of time for persons awaiting arriving passengers, or for ‘seeing-off’ departing passengers. Airports often offer a free period of parking to encourage the use of the airport short-stay car parks, and in order to reduce traffic past the entrance to the terminal. However, it is still often possible to stop for a minute or two outside the terminal to drop someone off. Cars here may not be left unattended, and should not be ‘parked’. The driver must remain behind the wheel, and not leave the vehicle to assist his/her passengers. Vehicles left alone in this area will be towed.

The car parks P2, P3 and P5 are considered as medium to long-stay parking areas, and are considerably cheaper than the short-stay area. However, no amount of free parking is offered in these areas. As an example of prices, twelve to twenty-four hours of parking in P1 will cost €46.00, in P2 €15.50, in P3 €18.00 and in P5, €15.00. Five days of parking will cost over €200.00 in P1, €47.50 in P2, €66.00 in P3 and just €30.00 in P5. Two weeks of parking in P5 will only cost €60.00, and fifteen days will cost €65.00. Each extra day of parking will be charged an additional €5.00, and an extra week will cost €30.00.

Car Park P2 is known as the Contact car park, and is an uncovered area nearby to the terminal building. Car Park P3 provides underground spaces, and is also nearby to the check-in area of the departure hall. Special rates are available for persons using the Business Centre at the airport in the P2 and P3 car parks. Access is provided for them at just €10.00 for a day and €5.00 for half a day of parking. Car park vouchers are given to customers, and the service will be included in their invoice. The Business Centre is located in the arrivals area on the first floor of the terminal, and has four rooms for hire. It is open from Monday to Friday, between the hours of 08:00 and 19:00. Subscriptions are also available for car parks P2, P3 and P5, and weekend packages can be purchased.

Car Park P3 is also the only area where reservations can be made. Parking spaces can be booked online at http://www.resaplace.com, and secure payments can be made on the website by credit card. A unique file number is sent to the customer by email, and this number should be given to the receptionist (called via the toll terminal) who will provide the way to the parking space.

Another Strasbourg car park is the P4 area, used only by passengers on charter flights from the airport. It is parking offered by the tour operators of the airport. Parking is available for disabled passengers as well, in all the car parks. There is a total of 43 reserved spaces located as nearby to the terminal entrance as possible. If assistance is required, identify yourself at the car park by using the call-button at the pay station. Someone will then meet you at the identified car parking space, for assistance with exiting the vehicle and transporting luggage to the check-in counter.

Passengers can pay for their period of Strasbourg Airport parking at one of the three automatic pay stations in the terminal, at one of the two automatic pay stations on level 1 of P3, at one of two automatic pay stations on level 2 of P3, at the automatic pay station in P1, at one of the two automatic pay stations in P4 or at the counter in the terminal building. Payments can also be made by credit card at the exit barrier of the car parks.

Further information regarding Strasbourg parking is available from the airport, at the contact number of +33 (0)3 88 64 69 49.