Strasbourg Airport Taxis (SXB)

Strasbourg Airport is found in Entzheim, just ten kilometres outside of the city centre of Strasbourg, and in the Bas-Rhin department of France. It is also one of the main gateways to the Alsace region of the country. With the official code of SXB, the airport serves around a million passengers per annum, and is an extremely well equipped airport offering flights to a number of destinations. Arriving passengers will also find ground transport options available, which include the Strasbourg Taxis. Taxis are a reliable means of transport from all airports in France, and are often the quickest way to a following destination.

The airport has a single terminal building from where all arrival flights and departure proceedings are handled. It is a large building, covering a surface area of approximately 21,000 square metres, and has facilities for passengers on two levels. The airport facilities include shops and restaurants, ATMs, a business centre, free WiFi connections, VIP lounges, a photo booth for automatic ID photographs and tour operators. The terminal is accessible to disabled passengers as well. Once passengers have collected their luggage items they can leave the building to find the taxi rank outside of the terminal. The airport taxis are within easy walking distance of the arrival area, and are convenient for use by all passengers.

Taxis are generally always available at Strasbourg Airport, especially at times when flights have landed, and at least up until 23:00 at night. There is no need to make an advanced reservation for a taxi service, but this can be done should the passenger feel it necessary. Official Strasbourg Taxis should be the only taxis used from or to the airport. Passengers should not accept any other service offered in the arrival hall, as this individual may not be permitted to provide transport to airport passengers. Legitimate taxis are only found in the taxi rank at the airport, and the taxi drivers will be waiting at their vehicles, unless a meet and greet service has been arranged in advance. The airport taxis offer service of a high quality, and the vehicles used for transport are appropriately licensed and in good condition.

Although taxi services will not need a reservation, persons who require a special vehicle for their transport, for example, someone in a wheelchair, should phone the airport or taxi company prior to their arrival, as vehicles adapted for this type of transport are not always available. Any passenger who arrives at the airport to find no taxis available can go to the airport information desk and ask one of the staff members to call one on their behalf. Most airports offer this type of service, and will not charge for the call.

Taxis in France are all equipped with a metre. This device records the number of kilometres travelled on the journey, and the fare charged is then calculated accordingly. Sometimes, especially from airport locations, there could be set charges to certain popular destinations, such as the nearest railway station, but in general, all taxi fares will be based on the number of kilometres travelled. The first kilometre is usually a bit more expensive, and there is a minimum charge at the start of the journey. The rates per kilometre are more expensive later in the evening of weekdays, and on Sundays and public holidays. An amount of approximately 20% can be added to the usual price for journeys taken at these hours, or on these days. Charges could also be added over and above the metered rate for luggage loaded, trips commencing at airport locations, animals transported and for more than four adult passengers.

Passengers arriving at Strasbourg Airport are recommended to find out the average cost of a taxi to their destination, and to discuss the price with their taxi driver before leaving the airport. Taxi drivers often speak English and French, and possibly even German, and should therefore be able to communicate the charges which are applicable to your journey. It may also be required for the rates charged to be displayed in the taxi. If any problem arises, either with the amount charged for the journey or with the service provided, it is best to pay for the journey and then to make an official complaint to the relevant personnel of the taxi company. Little can be achieved by arguing with the driver. Simply keep your receipt for payment of the journey, and take note of any taxi number displayed in or on the vehicle.

Private transfers could also be another form of transport from or to the airport, and are a similar service to a taxi. The main difference is that a private transfer will require an advanced reservation, and the vehicle may be able to transfer a greater number of passengers. A child seat can also often be arranged with a private transfer company, and they are more easily able to accommodate larger groups of travellers.

Strasbourg Taxis are convenient for travelling to the city centre of Strasbourg, to the railway station of the city or to any location nearby. A taxi is also convenient as it will drop you off at the curb-side of your residence, hotel or business location. Passengers on departure flights often find a taxi to be cheaper than airport parking as well, especially if they are to be away for a few weeks. Contact the airport for further information regarding their taxis. Telephone number: +33(0)3 88646767.