Nice Live Flight Arrivals

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Origin Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est. Status
Bordeaux (BOD) EasyJet U21686 10:25 10:05 Landed
Paris (ORY) Air France AF6206 10:25 10:48 Departed Late
Rome (FCO) Alitalia CityLiner CT348expand_more(4) 10:35 En-Route
Rome (FCO) AirSERBIA JU7128 10:35 Landed
Rome (FCO) Alitalia AZ348 10:35 Landed
Rome (FCO) Delta Air Lines DL6611 10:35 Landed
Rome (FCO) Etihad Airways EY2972 10:35 Landed
Madrid (MAD) Iberia Express I23632expand_more(1) 10:35 Unknown
Madrid (MAD) Iberia IB3632 10:35 Unknown
Monte Carlo (MCM) Flex Flight W25116 10:36 Scheduled
Monte Carlo (MCM) Flex Flight W25118 10:37 Scheduled
Paris (ORY) Air France AF6208 10:55 Departed Late
London (STN) Ryanair FR1874 11:00 10:50 En-Route
Monte Carlo (MCM) Flex Flight W25120 11:06 Scheduled
Monte Carlo (MCM) Flex Flight W25122 11:07 Scheduled
Vantaa (HEL) Norwegian D8402 11:10 11:00 En-Route
Vantaa (HEL) Norwegian DY402 11:10 10:55 En-Route
Paris (CDG) Air France AF7702expand_more(12) 11:25 En-Route
Paris (CDG) Aeromexico AM6158 11:25 En-Route
Paris (CDG) Air Mauritius MK9086 11:25 En-Route
Paris (CDG) Atlasjet KK7392 11:25 En-Route
Paris (CDG) China Eastern Airlines MU8623 11:25 En-Route
Paris (CDG) China Southern Airlines CZ7188 11:25 En-Route
Paris (CDG) Delta Air Lines DL8398 11:25 En-Route
Paris (CDG) Etihad Airways EY5955 11:25 En-Route
Paris (CDG) Flybe BE4120 11:25 En-Route
Paris (CDG) GOL Transportes Aeros G35044 11:25 En-Route
Paris (CDG) Kenya Airways KQ3092 11:25 En-Route
Paris (CDG) Singapore Airlines SQ1884 11:25 En-Route
Paris (CDG) Vietnam Airlines VN3600 11:25 En-Route
Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL1253expand_more(7) 11:30 11:30 Departed Late
Amsterdam (AMS) Air France AF3173 11:30 11:30 Departed Late
Amsterdam (AMS) China Eastern Airlines MU6211 11:30 11:30 Departed Late
Amsterdam (AMS) Delta Air Lines DL9309 11:30 11:30 Departed Late
Amsterdam (AMS) Etihad Airways EY7372 11:30 11:30 Departed Late
Amsterdam (AMS) Garuda Indonesia GA9950 11:30 11:30 Departed Late
Amsterdam (AMS) Virgin Atlantic Airways VS5538 11:30 11:30 Departed Late
Amsterdam (AMS) Xiamen Airlines MF9833 11:30 11:30 Departed Late
Bordeaux (BOD) Air France AF1222 11:35 En-Route
Strasbourg (SXB) HOP! A51474expand_more(1) 11:35 Scheduled
Strasbourg (SXB) Air France AF1474 11:35 En-Route
Monte Carlo (MCM) Flex Flight W25124 11:36 Scheduled
Monte Carlo (MCM) Flex Flight W25126 11:37 Scheduled
London (LGW) EasyJet U28349 11:45 12:15 Departed Late
Nantes (NTE) HOP! A51361expand_more(1) 12:00 Scheduled
Nantes (NTE) Air France AF1361 12:00 En-Route
Paris (ORY) Air France AF6210expand_more(1) 12:00 En-Route
Paris (ORY) Delta Air Lines DL9192 12:00 En-Route
Moscow (SVO) Aeroflot SU2470 12:00 12:05 Departed Late
Copenhagen (CPH) SAS SK793 12:05 11:57 En-Route
Figari (FSC) Air Corsica XK402expand_more(2) 12:05 Scheduled
Figari (FSC) Air France AF4749 12:05 Scheduled
Figari (FSC) Alitalia AZ5185 12:05 Scheduled
Monte Carlo (MCM) Flex Flight W25128 12:06 Scheduled
Monte Carlo (MCM) Flex Flight W25130 12:07 Scheduled
Barcelona (BCN) EasyJet U21698 12:20 Scheduled
Brussels (BRU) Brussels Airlines SN3617expand_more(2) 12:20 Scheduled
Brussels (BRU) Air Canada AC6365 12:20 Scheduled
Brussels (BRU) Etihad Airways EY7243 12:20 Scheduled
Dubai (DXB) Emirates EK77expand_more(2) 12:35 12:01 Departed Late
Dubai (DXB) Malaysia Airlines MH4553 12:35 12:01 Departed Late
Dubai (DXB) Qantas QF8077 12:35 12:01 Departed Late
Monte Carlo (MCM) Flex Flight W25132 12:36 Scheduled
Monte Carlo (MCM) Flex Flight W25134 12:37 Scheduled
Stockholm (ARN) Norwegian LE4321expand_more(1) 12:45 12:45 En-Route
Stockholm (ARN) Norwegian DY4321 12:45 12:45 En-Route
Munich (MUC) Air Dolomiti EN2272expand_more(4) 12:45 Scheduled
Munich (MUC) Air Canada AC9400 12:45 Scheduled
Munich (MUC) Lufthansa LH2272 12:45 Scheduled
Munich (MUC) Singapore Airlines SQ2026 12:45 Scheduled
Munich (MUC) United Airlines UA9481 12:45 Scheduled
Paris (ORY) Air France AF6212 12:55 Scheduled
Luxembourg (LUX) Luxair LG8255 13:00 Scheduled
London (LGW) British Airways BA2622 13:05 Scheduled
Monte Carlo (MCM) Flex Flight W25136 13:06 Scheduled
Monte Carlo (MCM) Flex Flight W25138 13:07 Scheduled
Doha (DOH) Qatar Airways QR53 13:10 12:50 Departed Late
Paris (CDG) Air France AF7710expand_more(9) 13:20 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Air Baltic BT5605 13:20 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) AirSERBIA JU7781 13:20 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Atlasjet KK7378 13:20 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Bulgaria Air FB1031 13:20 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Delta Air Lines DL9791 13:20 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Etihad Airways EY5912 13:20 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Finnair AY6307 13:20 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) GOL Transportes Aeros G35292 13:20 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Singapore Airlines SQ1898 13:20 Scheduled
Monte Carlo (MCM) Flex Flight W25140 13:36 Scheduled
Monte Carlo (MCM) Flex Flight W25142 13:37 Scheduled
Paris (ORY) EasyJet U24063 13:40 Scheduled
Paris (ORY) Air France AF6214expand_more(1) 13:55 Scheduled
Paris (ORY) Flybe BE4021 13:55 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) EasyJet U21634 14:00 Scheduled
Monte Carlo (MCM) Flex Flight W25144 14:06 Scheduled
Monte Carlo (MCM) Flex Flight W25146 14:07 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Air France AF7714expand_more(8) 14:15 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Air Mauritius MK9088 14:15 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Atlasjet KK7402 14:15 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) China Southern Airlines CZ7119 14:15 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Delta Air Lines DL8587 14:15 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Finnair AY6309 14:15 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Flybe BE4128 14:15 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) GOL Transportes Aeros G35050 14:15 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Tarom RO9553 14:15 Scheduled
Lisbon (LIS) EasyJet U27673 14:15 Scheduled
Vienna (VIE) Austrian Airlines OS425expand_more(1) 14:20 Scheduled
Vienna (VIE) All Nippon Airways NH5609 14:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Alitalia CityLiner CT344expand_more(5) 14:25 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Air Malta KM2612 14:25 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) AirSERBIA JU7131 14:25 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Alitalia AZ344 14:25 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Delta Air Lines DL6655 14:25 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Etihad Airways EY2970 14:25 Scheduled
Monte Carlo (MCM) Flex Flight W25148 14:36 Scheduled
Monte Carlo (MCM) Flex Flight W25150 14:37 Scheduled
Napoli (NAP) EasyJet U21664 14:40 Scheduled
Calvi (CLY) Air Corsica XK310expand_more(2) 14:45 Scheduled
Calvi (CLY) Air France AF4755 14:45 Scheduled
Calvi (CLY) Alitalia AZ5191 14:45 Scheduled
London (LHR) British Airways BA344expand_more(1) 14:50 Scheduled
London (LHR) American Airlines AA6588 14:50 Scheduled
Brussels (BRU) Brussels Airlines SN3621expand_more(3) 14:55 Scheduled
Brussels (BRU) Aegean Airlines A33016 14:55 Scheduled
Brussels (BRU) Air Canada AC6358 14:55 Scheduled
Brussels (BRU) Etihad Airways EY7252 14:55 Scheduled
Monte Carlo (MCM) Flex Flight W25152 15:06 Scheduled
Monte Carlo (MCM) Flex Flight W25154 15:07 Scheduled
St Petersburg (LED) Rossiya FV6633expand_more(1) 15:15 Scheduled
St Petersburg (LED) Aeroflot SU6633 15:15 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) EasyJet U27925 15:20 Scheduled
Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK1815 15:20 Scheduled
Monte Carlo (MCM) Flex Flight W25156 15:36 Scheduled
Monte Carlo (MCM) Flex Flight W25158 15:37 Scheduled
Monastir (MIR) Tunisair TU682 15:55 Scheduled
Paris (ORY) Air France AF6216 15:55 Scheduled
Monte Carlo (MCM) Flex Flight W25160 16:06 Scheduled
Monte Carlo (MCM) Flex Flight W25162 16:07 Scheduled
Constantine (CZL) Air Algerie AH1198 16:20 Scheduled
Lille (LIL) Air France AF1357 16:20 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL1257expand_more(6) 16:25 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) Air France AF3176 16:25 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) Delta Air Lines DL9308 16:25 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) GOL Transportes Aeros G35669 16:25 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) Ukraine Int. Airlines PS9467 16:25 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) Virgin Atlantic Airways VS5539 16:25 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) Xiamen Airlines MF9835 16:25 Scheduled
Paris (ORY) EasyJet U24065 16:30 Scheduled
Strasbourg (SXB) Volotea V72518 16:35 Scheduled
Monte Carlo (MCM) Flex Flight W25164 16:36 Scheduled
Monte Carlo (MCM) Flex Flight W25166 16:37 Scheduled
Lyon (LYS) Air France AF1698 16:45 Scheduled
Paris (ORY) Air France AF6218 16:50 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Air France AF7706 16:55 Scheduled
Geneva (GVA) EasyJet U21383 16:55 Scheduled
Monte Carlo (MCM) Flex Flight W25168 17:06 Scheduled
Monte Carlo (MCM) Flex Flight W25170 17:07 Scheduled
Algiers (ALG) Air Algerie AH1040 17:10 Scheduled

Nice Cote d’Azur Airport handles millions of passengers each year, who arrive at this important gateway for the Alpes-Maritimes region. The airport serves domestic and international airlines which fly from various destinations across the globe.

There are two terminal buildings that are set little distance apart from each other. Transportation between the buildings and to the car parks is provided by a free shuttle bus (royal-blue in color). The buildings are named Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, and both serve domestic and international arrivals.

On arrival, certain passengers must pass through immigration controls. These passengers are those arriving from a non-Schengen country, and those who are not of a French nationality. A landing card must be completed, and these are either received onboard the plane or are available near to the immigration filters. The check-points will require the landing card and your identity card or passport.

Certain goods, items or amounts of money need to be declared at Customs upon your arrival. Declarations should include the following:

  • Non-community goods with a value of more than 182.94 euro.
  • Any goods that have quantitative restrictions, such as alcohol, perfumes or tobacco.
  • Money in the form of cash or any other payment that has a value of more than 7,622.45 euro.
  • Some items have special formalities. These include animals, plants, weapons and ammunition, medication and artifacts.

Above the conveyer belts, a television screen will display your flight number, helping you to determine at which point your luggage can be collected. There are luggage trolleys available in both terminals. If you would like some assistance with carrying your luggage, there are porters available in the halls, or one can be called at the information desks. There is a charge for the porter service of 3 euro per luggage item.

There are plenty of facilities available at Nice Airport for arriving passengers, including banks, ATMs, pharmacies, shopping stores and restaurants. There is also a well equipped business center that has meeting rooms and a variety of equipment available to use free of charge.

Outside the Arrival area of both terminals there are bus stations with many bus routes to various destinations, and taxi stands. The buses travel to the Nice train stations, should you wish to continue your journey by train. The city of Nice is only 7 km/4 miles from the airport. Car hire companies are available in both terminal arrival areas.

Many hotels provide free transportation to and from the airport by shuttle bus. Find out from your hotel if they provide this service. Hotels within 5 miles of Nice Airport include the Novotel Nice Arenas NCE Aeroport, the Ibis Nice Promenade des Anglais, the Le Meridien Nice Hotel, the Best Western Hotel West End, the Hotel Vendome and the Holiday Inn Nice Hotel.