Trains to and from Nice Côte d'Azur Airport (NCE)

Passengers at Nice Airport often continue their journey by train. The train stations in Nice are well connected to many major cities in Italy, as well as smaller towns. The Railway Network of France is the SNCF. Due to the congested highways and lack of available air traffic space, Europe has an incredible and convenient railway system.

There are two train stations that are nearby Nice Airport. The closest of the two is the Nice St Augustine Railway Station, and the other one is the main Nice Train Station. Both of these stations are well connected to the airport by regular bus services.

Nice Airport has two terminal buildings (Terminal 1 and Terminal 2). They are set a fair distance apart, therefore passengers can use the free, royal-blue shuttle buses for transportation. Each terminal has a bus station with various buses that offer different routes.

Passengers that would like to travel to the main Nice Railway Station, can depart by bus from either terminal. Bus 99 travels to the station from Platform 1 of Terminal 1, and from Platform 4 of Terminal 2. The bus trip is about 30 minutes, and there is space on the buses for luggage.

The Nice St Augustine Railway Station can be reached by taking bus 23 from Platform 6 of Terminal 1. There are no luggage storage racks on this bus. St Augustine is actually only 500 meters from Terminal 1 at Nice Airport.

Most trains and train stations in France and Europe have facilities to ensure the comfort of disabled travelers. Some of the bigger stations have wheelchairs available in their Arrival Halls, and the ‘porter service’ is free for anyone that has an invalidity card. Lifts and ramps provide easy access to the trains. On the trains, there are spaces that are reserved for people in wheelchairs, and smaller wheelchairs are available for easier movement onboard the train.

Tips for Traveling by Train

  • Pack as lightly as possible and secure your belongings by locking them to the overhead rack.
  • Keep your passport safe and within easy reach.
  • Your pass (if using it for the first time) or your ticket must be validated at the train station.
  • You are allowed to bring your own food and drink. Don’t drink the water from the bathroom taps.
  • Traveling on the night trains can help you save money on hotel accommodation.

There are various railway passes that can be purchased. These are much more cost effective than single tickets, especially if you plan to travel quite frequently by train. Groups of two or more persons, senior citizens and youth travelers under the age of 26, have special discounts and benefits. The France Railpass is excellent for traveling in France or you can select a pass for traveling in France and to one other country. Other various passes are also available.

After arriving at Nice Airport, it is easy to catch the bus to one of the train stations, although a taxi could also be used for transportation to the stations.