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Nice Airport has two terminal buildings (Terminal 1 and Terminal 2), each with a variety of parking areas. The terminals are a fair distance away from one another, therefore they are connected by a free shuttle bus that runs every 7 minutes. Some of the parking areas are within walking distance of the terminals, and others are further away and require a shuttle bus for transportation.

Drivers who do not wish to park can use the ‘Kiss and Fly’, which is the drop-off points for passengers. Parking areas include short-term and long-term parking, as well as low-cost parking. The underground car parks of both terminals provide extra security for the vehicles.

Parking Areas for Terminal 1 at Nice Airport

P1 is a short-term parking area, located right next to Terminal 1. It is only a 1-2 minute walk to the terminal. This parking area is not undercover, and has a height limitation of 2m20. Keep in mind that you may only use this area for a maximum of 2 hours. There is quite a heavy penalty fee if you overstay the 2 hour limit. Parking is charged for every half-hour that the vehicle is parked.

The other two short-term parking areas at Terminal 1 are P2 and P3. Both areas are only 3 minutes on foot from the terminal. P2 is a combination of open air parking and underground parking, while P3 is only an open air area. P3 is located opposite the bus terminal and the first 30 minutes of parking is for free. P2 has a height limit of 1m90 and P3 a limit of 2m20.

G1 offers secure underground parking for cars and motorcycles. It is an easy 2 minute walk to the terminal building. Be aware of the low height limit of only 1m76.

P4 is an area dedicated to long-term parking. It is reasonably close to Terminal 1 (5minutes on foot), but there is a free shuttle bus available. The shuttle bus will take you to Terminal 1 in 2 minutes, or to Terminal 2 in 5 minutes).

Parking Areas for Terminal 2 at Nice Airport

P5 is a 5 minute walk from Terminal 2 and is located in front of the airport building. The Departures area is easily accessed from this parking lot. The first 20 minutes of parking is for free.

The long-term parking area of Terminal 2 is P7. It is an undercover area with a height limitation of 2m20.

G2 is the secure underground parking area for Terminal 2. It is a 3 minute walk from the terminal building with a height limit of 2m10.

Parking Areas convenient for both Terminals

P8 is another long-term parking area. It is connected to both terminals by the free shuttle bus.

P9 is the furthest parking area from the terminals and is a low-cost parking area. There is no height limitation.

At Nice Airport, the maximum parking period is 40 days.

Disabled passengers will find dedicated parking spaces in all the parking areas of the airport.

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