Buses to and from Dinard Airport (DNR)

Dinard is a small French airport located nearby the northern coastline of Brittany, and serves approximately 120,000 passengers per annum. It is officially known as the Dinard-Pleurtuit-Saint-Malo Airport, due to its location, and is allocated the airport code of DNR. Although only a small establishment, the airport is reasonably equipped with facilities for arriving and departing passengers, and is considered to provide efficient airport operations. However, public transport options are limited, if available at all, especially in terms of bus services. Dinard buses may be hard to find, but there is mention of a few possible services. Alternatively, a taxi or hired car can be arranged.

The airport of Dinard is located approximately 5km, or 3.1 miles south-southwest of the town of Dinard, and just a few kilometres from the larger town of Saint-Malo, which is perhaps a more popular destination than Dinard. It is found in the commune of Pleurtuit, hence its name of the Dinard-Pleurtuit Airport, and serves towns in the French department of Ille-et-Vilaine. Just south of the airport is the town of Dinan (not to be confused with Dinard), and still further south is Rennes, a larger city of the north-western country. Within the terminal building passengers will find a bar/restaurant, lost luggage services, car hire companies, toilet facilities and public payphones. The terminal is small, easy to navigate, and has areas for arrivals and departures. The two airline companies which serve the airport are Ryanair and Aurigny Air Services. The only possible Dinard Airport buses available take passengers to the Saint-Malo railway station. There are no buses to Dinard or to Dinan.

Since there is certainly no train station on the grounds of Dinard Airport, a passenger’s only alternative form of transport to Dinard or Dinan is by taxi or hired car. Passengers who will be travelling more extensively are recommended to rather hire a car from one of the car hire companies, such as Avis, Hertz, Europcar or National. Although there is mention of a bus service to Saint-Malo, it may be advisable to contact the airport to confirm this bus schedule in advance of your flight to the airport. There is a general information desk available, and staff here can be contacted at the telephone number – 33 (0) 825 08 35 09, or their email address is contact@dinard.aeroport.fr.

Dinard Buses

The majority of the flights offered to and from Dinard Airport are handled by the low-cost airline carrier of Ryanair, and therefore, the bus to Saint-Malo is scheduled to correspond with the arrival of Ryanair flights. It is an express coach which takes passengers to the St. Malo central railway station, every day of the week apart from on Sundays. The journey to Saint-Malo will take approximately half an hour, and will cost about 3 Euros. Bus tickets are available for purchase from the bus driver. Passengers will find the buses depart from outside the arrival hall of the terminal building. Since there are no buses travelling directly to Dinard from the airport, passengers who do not want to take a taxi can travel by bus from the Saint-Malo station to Dinard. Another point to mention is that there is no train station in the town of Dinard, only in Dinan and Saint-Malo.

The train station in Saint-Malo is located in the Square Jean Coquelin, and is served by a couple of TGV train services. It is a station managed by the SNCF, the French National Railway Company, and is also known as the Gare Maritime du Naye. Passengers can easily travel from here to Rennes or Paris on the high-speed TGV train connections. From these two locations, trains are available to destinations throughout France. Passengers can also travel further by other bus services available from the bus station in Saint-Malo, nearby the train station, to destinations such as Dinan.

Buses are available from Saint-Malo bus and train station to the ferry port as well, from where ferries sail to a variety of destinations, including Guernsey, Jersey, Poole, Portsmouth and Plymouth. The two main ferry operators are Condor Ferries and Brittany Ferries.

Another possible option for bus transport is a shuttle operated by the hotels in the region of Dinard Airport. It is the often case that various places of accommodation, especially the larger hotel chains, offer airport transfers by their own shuttle buses. This service to and from the airport is usually free of charge, but will need to be requested in advance of your arrival.

Although there is a limited selection of Dinard buses, buses can be a form of transport from the main towns in the area, and most French cities have a good bus system in place, travelling to all parts of their cities and to other nearby cities and towns. All bus tickets used will need to be validated upon boarding of the bus, and there is usually a variety of types of bus tickets for sale, including single trips, round-trips and booklets of ten trips. Bus tickets are often available for unlimited travel for the duration of a week or month as well. Contact the airport for further information about the buses available.