Getting to Dinard Airport

DNR is an international airport located in the north-western region of France, and is officially known as the Dinard-Pleurtuit-Saint-Malo Airport, due to its location. Although only a small French airport, it is an important gateway for holiday makers coming to visit Saint-Malo, or the other resorts in the nearby area, and is reasonably well equipped for its size with passenger facilities. Dinard directions are simple to follow, and the airport can be accessed from a few main roads and motorways in the area. The airport’s only drawback is perhaps the limited options for public transport available.

Dinard airport is located approximately 5km, or 3.1 miles south-south west of Dinard, and only a few kilometres southwest of the larger town known as Saint-Malo. In the very near vicinity of the airport, the smaller areas of Pleurtuit, Le Bourgneuf, La Perrine, Le Bois Chauchard, Richebois, La Roichais and La Ville aux Monniers are found, while larger areas close by to the airport include Dinan to the south, Saint-Briac-sur-Mer and Saint-Lunaire to the northwest and La Richardais, just south of Dinard. On a larger scale, Dinard, and its airport, is found to the north of Nantes and Rennes, to the east of Morlaix and Saint-Brieuc and west of Chartres, Dreux and Alencon. The large capital city of Paris is also to the far west of Dinard. The airport serves all areas in the Ille-et-Vilaine department of France, and is nearby the northern coast of the Brittany region of the country.

The important roads in the vicinity of the airport include the D64, which is the main access road, the D266, D168 and the N176, which is a larger road found to the south of the airport, and provides access to main city areas in the country.

Directions from Dinard and Saint-Malo

From the town centre of Dinard, motorists should head south on the Boulevard of the Marshals, or the D266, until the roundabout, where the exit to the D168 ramp should be taken. The exit is in the direction of Saint-Brieuc, St Luniare, Saint-Briac-sur-Mer, Ploubalay, the airport and Pleurtuit. Continue on the D168 until Mon Repost, or the D64, turn left and follow the signs to the airport. The airport may be indicated as the Aéroport de Dinard Pleurtuit Saint Malo. The drive to the airport from Dinard will usually take about ten minutes.

From Saint-Malo, a similar route can be followed, the only difference it that the D168 will be taken from the town, and this road crosses over the sea inlet from the English Channel. The drive from Saint-Malo will be about ten to fifteen minutes.

Directions from the West, South and East

The main road leading from the west towards Dinard is the N176, which is linked to the N12. Along the N12 to the west, are the areas of Lamballe, Saint-Brieuc, Guingamp and Morlaix. From Rennes, to the south of the airport, the N12 can be taken until the N176, where motorists will then head north-east to Dinard, or a more direct route is the D137, which runs north all the way to Saint-Malo. The drive from Rennes will be approximately forty-five minutes to an hour. The N175 and N176 lead west towards Dinard, from area in the east, such as the tourist attraction of Mont St Michel and Dol-de-Bretagne.

Parking is available for all passengers arriving in their own vehicles. There is an open air car park and an underground car park, with an adequate total number of parking spaces for the number of passengers who make use of the airport. Passengers are recommended to arrive at the airport at least an hour or two before their scheduled departure flight. Dinard Airport consists of a single terminal building, which is fully accessible to disabled passengers. Within the building, there is a restaurant/bar, on the first floor and up an impressive marble staircase, a lost property office, public telephones and a letter box. Since that it is only a small airport, its facilities are not extensive, and do not include banking and currency exchange services, conferencing facilities or many airport shops. Most passengers however, find the airport’s operations to be efficient, and the facilities adequate for their needs. For disabled passengers, wheelchairs with pushers are available from the information desk, and the terminal has clear walkways, lifts to the first floor, lowered pay phones, pavement ramps and a couple of reserved parking spaces.

Transport options are somewhat lacking in variety, but passengers can reach their departure flights by taxi, or possibly from an airport bus which travels from the Saint-Malo railway station. There are no other bus services, and there is no train station at the airport. Further information regarding Dinard directions is available from the information desk of the airport, or can be found online, at

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