Dinard Airport Taxis (DNR)

Dinard Airport is located approximately 5km, or 3.1 miles from the town of Dinard, and is nearby the larger town of Saint-Malo as well. These two towns are found along the northern coast of France’s Brittany region, and are known for their charming characteristics and bustling ports. The airport is commonly referred to as the Dinard-Pleurtuit Airport, due to its position in the commune of Pleurtuit, and is an airport serving the Ille-et-Vilaine department of the country. Dinard taxis are available for the transport of arriving passengers, and since there are limited bus services running to and from the airport, by taxi is an excellent way to reach your next destination. Taxis will also take you back to the airport for your departure flight.

Saint-Malo Airport, as it is also known, with the official code of DNR, is one of the smaller airports in the country of France, handling just over 120,000 passengers per annum. It has three runways, one of which is very small and only of a grass surface, and a single terminal building reasonably well equipped for the needs of passengers. There are however, no banking or currency exchange services available, or left-luggage facilities. There are also no airport shops in the terminal. Passengers should only expect the general facilities of a small airport, but will receive efficient service for check-in procedures, security control measures and for baggage collection. The Dinard Airport taxi rank can be found just outside the terminal building, and in general, there are taxis available for each arrival flight of the airport. If there are no taxis available, simply ask the information desk to call one for you.

The taxi companies authorized to provide transport to and from the airport, and their telephone numbers, include

  • Taxis from Dinard – 06 84 92 55 73, 
  • Taxi Bedel – 06 64 98 59 59 and 
  • Taxis d’Ille et Rance – 06 80 15 36 33.

Passengers are recommended to use only the services of official Dinard Airport taxis, and to not accept any offers for transport within the arrival hall. Taxi drivers who are not authorised to provide their services from the airport may try to look for customers in the airport building, although this is mainly the case at larger airports. Passengers using these services stand the risk of travelling in an underinsured vehicle which may not be of high quality, and of being overcharged, with nowhere to file a complaint. Find out more details from the information desk if you are unsure of which taxi to hire, but in general, all official taxi drivers will be waiting by their vehicles in the taxi rank, and will not be found in the arrival area.

Taxis in France can be of various colours, and have a ‘taxi’ sign on their roofs. The vehicle is also equipped with a meter, which is a device that records the kilometres travelled on the journey. The taxi fare is then calculated accordingly. The meter will usually start at a set minimum rate, and the price per kilometre will depend on the total distance travelled and the time of service. There are normally two tariffs used, one for daytime travel between the hours of 07:00 and 17:00, Monday to Saturday, and another for night-time and weekend journeys (17:00 to 07:00, Sundays and public holidays). A taxi later in the evening, or on Sundays, will therefore be more expensive.

Passengers can expect the following approximate taxi fares for travelling to the listed destinations:

  • Dinard – 10 to 15 Euros, 
  • Saint Malo – 15 to 25 Euros, 
  • Dinan – 30 Euros, 
  • Dol-des-Bretagne – 30 to 40 Euros, 
  • Cancale – 35 to 45 Euros, 
  • Mayenne – 190 Euros,
  • Rennes – 100 Euros. 
The above mentioned fares are for daytime travel, at the lower tariff rates.

Before leaving Dinard Airport, passengers can find out the average price of their trip by taxi from the information desk, and should also confirm the charges with their driver. At some airports, there is a list displayed showing the taxi fares for the most popular destinations. Keep in mind that there could be additional charges over and above the metered rate per kilometre, for luggage loaded, more than four adult passengers in a taxi and for animals travelling in the vehicle.

Taxis which are specially equipped for disabled passengers may be available. Special services should be arranged in advance. The terminal building of the airport is also fully accessible to disabled passengers, with lifts, pavement ramps, lowered public telephones and suitable toilet facilities.

For all further information regarding Dinard taxis, the following telephone number for the airport can be used – 33 (0) 825 08 35 09, or passengers may contact the taxi company directly.