Low Cost Dinard Airport Parking

Dinard is found in the Ille-et-Vilaine department of France, and is a small airport serving the nearby towns of Dinard, Dinan and Saint-Malo. It is located approximately 5km, or 3.1 miles from Dinard, and handles around 120,000 passengers per annum. The airport is also commonly referred to as the Dinard-Pleurtuit Airport, due to is position in the commune of Pleurtuit, or as the Saint-Malo Airport, and has the official code of DNR. Facilities at the airport are not extensive, but are considered as adequate for arriving and departing passengers, and the airport car park is available for all those with private motor vehicles. Parking at the airport is charged at average rates as well.

Dinard is surrounded by the smaller areas of La Ville aux Monniers, Le Tertre És Salines, La Roichais, La ville Baslé and Le Bourgneuf, as well as the larger towns of Dinan, Saint-Briac-sur-Mer and Saint-Lunaire. To the south of the airport is Rennes, and to the west, is Lamballe and Saint-Brieuc. The tourist attraction area of Mont St Michel is to the east. Driving to the airport of Dinard is relatively simple, as a few main roads provide access for motorists. The D64 is the airport’s access road, and this road links to the D168. the D168 provides access from Saint-Malo, and also to the town of Dinard, via the D266. The D64 travels directly to the airport from Saint-Lunaire, and the D603 can be used by travellers from Saint-Briac-sur-Mer. From Pleurtuit, the D64 is used as well. The main roads connected larger cities further from the airport include the N176 and N12 from Saint-Brieuc, the N137 from Rennes and the N175 from Avranches.

Airport Parking Areas

Parking at the Dinard Airport is most convenient for all passengers who would like to leave their vehicle in a safe place whilst they go away for business or a holiday, and is provided in two areas. Both of these parking lots are within easy walking distance of the terminal building, and therefore, no further form of transport is required in order to reach the check-in facilities.

The largest car parking area is located directly in front of the passenger terminal, and has approximately 300 spaces available. It is an open air car park, available for use by all passengers. The car park is also accessible twenty-four hours a day, even though the terminal building is only open for certain hours when flights are scheduled. However, cars may only be taken out of the parking lot if payment is made by credit card at the exit of the car park. The first hour of parking is free of charge, while from over an hour, the following approximate charges will be made: one to less than two hours – €2.50, two to less then four hours – €3.50, four to less than six hours – €5.00, six to less than twelve hours – €7.00 and twelve to less than twenty-four hours – €10.00. For each additional twelve hours thereafter, €3.00 is applicable.

The second parking lot of Dinard Airport is underground, beneath the passenger terminal, and offers twenty parking spaces for passengers staying for a minimum period of one week. The opening hours of this parking lot will depend on the flights scheduled at the airport. It is also slightly more expensive than the main parking area.

Customers of the airport who would like to stay for long periods of time, or for those who use the airport parking facilities more frequently, special rates may be applicable. The special payment rates will need to be paid two hours prior to departure at the Ryanair desk. The following are examples of possible options: Parking of up to a month in the main area – €84.00, parking for six months in the main area – €322.00, parking for a week in the underground area – €52.00, parking for three months in the underground area – €260.00 and parking for a year in the outside car park – €551.00, and in the underground car park – €675.00. There could also be a discounted rate applicable to motorbikes and side-cars parking in the underground car park.

Other Dinard Airport parking lots include two for staff members only, and an area reserved for vehicles of larger size, such as a camper van. This is a private car park, and a password for entry will need to be retrieved from the information desk at the airport. Departing passengers may also be dropped off in front of the terminal building, but since that there is an hour of free parking available, it is recommended to rather park, and reduce traffic past the airport building. The ‘drop-off’ zone of the airport does not allow parking for more than a minute or two, and the driver should preferably remain in the vehicle. Cars may not wait in this area for arriving passengers who are not at curb-side, or be left unattended for any reason. Disabled parking is available in the main parking area, in four reserved spaces.

Passengers parking at the airport will take a ticket upon entry of the car park, and will use this ticket to make their payments and to exit the area once again. There are automatic payment machines available in the terminal, which accept credit card or bank notes (only one per payment), or passengers may pay at the exit of the car park by inserting their ticket and credit card.

Dinard parking is considered adequate for the number of passengers who use the facility, and is a safe area to use, however, parking at all airports is used at the motorist’s own risk. Staff at the information desk of the airport can be contacted at +33 (0)825 08 35 09, or their email address is contact@dinard.aeroport.fr.

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